Top 10 Edge Computing Stories of 2022 at EdgeIR

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Top 10 Edge Computing Stories of 2022 at EdgeIR

The world of edge computing is rapidly evolving, with new companies and technologies emerging each year to enable the latest developments in this field. 2022 saw several significant acquisitions, awards and announcements in the edge computing space, including Google’s acquisition of MobiledgeX and BrainChip’s roll-out of AI chips. Industry experts are also discussing issues like a crisis in edge real estate and how to rectify the centralized networking model.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 edge computing stories on Edge Industry Review in 2022, ranked by page views.

The future is here and it’s distributed: What the metaverse is and why it needs edge computing: Edge Industry Review editor Jim Davis discusses the past, present, and future of the metaverse — and why edge computing is a critical building block to the metaverse.

Google acquires MobiledgeX, aims to create open-source edge cloud: report: MobiledgeX, the edge computing management specialist launched by Deutsche Telekom in early 2018 was acquired by Google Cloud back in April and was widely discussed this year as Google moved MobiledgeX’s code to open source.

Edge Computing World 2022 Edge Awards winners include CruxOCM as Startup of the Year: Edge Computing World and Topio Networks announced the winners of its annual Edge Awards. The Edge Startup of the Year award recognizes startups with between $3 million and $15 million in funding and more than 20 employees. This honor was given to CruxOCM for its cutting-edge deployment of edge computing in oil and gas control rooms to automate operations and enhance sustainability.

BrainChip to start 2022 by shipping edge AI chips in volume: The manufacturer announced the beginning of the full commercialization of its Akida AKD1000 AI chip through the availability of mini PCIe boards. BrainChip said its solution is a viable product to unlock increased functionalities for Smart City applications as well as digital consumer health and smart home devices.

The coming crisis in edge real estate: In this article by Hugh Taylor, CEO of Edge Site Partners he discusses how a new digital real estate model is needed to satisfy a market that is expected to comprise tens if not hundreds of thousands of edge sites over the next several years.

IDC says edge computing spend to reach $274B, highlights key drivers: Market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) released revised figures that forecast worldwide spending on edge computing to reach $176 billion in 2022, an increase of 14.8% over 2021 figures. Content delivery networks (CDN), virtual network functions (VNF), and edge analytics are among the key uses of edge computing.

Edge computing shows centralized model of networking is broken; how to fix it?: In this article by Khalid Raza, CEO and founder of Graphiant discusses how old networking models are broken and the next-gen network need for an edge computing future.

NXP’s new chips for edge computing target home, Smart City applications: NXP Semiconductors announced a series of microcontrollers that are specifically designed for evolving smart home and smart cities applications — edge computing applications that require processing power without consuming lots of energy.

Dell expands its end-to-end edge portfolio with Project Frontier for operations: Dell Technologies has announced the expansion of its end-to-end edge portfolio with the availability of Project Frontier, an edge operations software platform.

Polygon introduces Supernets, a customizable blockchain stack with a $100M support fund: Polygon Technology, a developer of Web3 infrastructure on Ethereum, has announced Polygon Supernet. Supernet technology allows developers to build custom networks while reducing the costs associated with the servers needed to run them.

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