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Watch this space for a rundown of the financial news and historical EOD stock quote data of the publicly traded edge computing-related companies we are following.

Qualcomm Technologies and Meta have directly integrated Llama 2 Large Language Models (LLM) on devices, reducing dependence on cloud services….

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NTT enhances Tour de France experience with edge, IoT and ChatGPT tech

Global IT infrastructure and services provider NTT Ltd has announced that it is enhancing its technology offering for the Tour…


Edzcom, Callio Pyhäjärvi using Nokia private 5G wireless network for Finnish test mine

Edzcom, a Cellnex affiliate company, and Callio Pyhäjärvi have partnered to create an advanced Test Mine powered by Nokia’s private…


Lenovo reaches $2 billion in AI infrastructure revenue; invests $1 billion to expand AI portfolio

Lenovo announced that it has reached a record annual AI infrastructure revenue of over US$2 billion and is investing an…


Nokia, DXC Technology come together to provide a private wireless network and digitalization platform

Nokia has disclosed its collaboration with DXC Technology to develop a comprehensive solution for private wireless networks and 5G managed…


Honeywell announces OT cybersecurity solution to improve facility safety

Honeywell has released its new OT cybersecurity solution, Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Cyber Insights, to help customers protect their industrial control…


Cloudflare: Leaning into AI after 1Q23 results show good growth for edge services

Cloudflare recently reported its 1Q23 earnings, which showed revenue growth that’s coming at a slowing pace amid a tough macroeconomic…


BrainChip reflects on its first-quarter developments; will revenue follow in 2023?

BrainChip, a company known for its neuromorphic computing devices, recently reflected on its achievements in the first quarter of 2023….


BrainChip, Blue Ridge Envisioneering team up to build tactical edge devices

BrainChip, a provider of neuromorphic processors for edge AI on-chip processing, has teamed up with Blue Ridge Envisioneering. Blue Ridge…


NTT, SES collaborate to expand edge computing and 5G capabilities over 190 countries

NTT Limited, a global network service solutions provider, has teamed up with SES, an operator of a multi-orbit constellation of…

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