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Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, unveiled advancements in its Red Hat OpenShift AI platform, a hybrid artificial…

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Edge computing: The latest innovation in the oil and gas industry

Innovation has long been a driving force behind the success of the oil and gas industry. From drilling technologies to…


Edge computing is the driving force behind more industries than you’d think

Edge computing is emerging as a transformative force, revolutionizing industries in unexpected ways. Traditionally, computing power resided in centralized data…


The methods robotic patch panels are using to shape the future of edge computing

In recent times, edge data centers have emerged as pivotal components bridging the gap between end-users and centralized data processing…


FLYHT, OSS detail behind the scene workings of next-gen aviation connectivity at the edge

In a strategic move to redefine connectivity and communication in the aerospace industry, FLYHT Aerospace Solutions recently forged a partnership…


Whitepaper: ACCIONA takes on water desalination with real-time ML at the edge

ACCIONA, a global infrastructure operator, has evolved its water desalination plants through the implementation of real-time optimized Machine Learning (ML)…


How can machine learning model visualization help in edge computing?

Edge computing devices are designed for remote deployment and often have limited onboard resources. Companies are building machine learning models…


Flexnode to transform the data infrastructure landscape with $9 million capital raised

Flexnode, a player in the data infrastructure sphere, recently shifted gears with its successful funding round. Raising $9 million in…


Telco Systems’ Edgility: Bringing the cloud experience to the edge

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications and network infrastructure, the demand for efficient edge computing solutions has never been higher….


Video: Metro Edge to transform urban landscapes with tech-driven developments at the edge

Commercial real estate investment firm Metro Edge is a key player in the urban development landscape, focusing primarily on specific…

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