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Pharmaceutical manufacturing is always a very serious business. That point was driven home when Johnson & Johnson experienced problems making…

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Catchpoint’s CEO: Edge performance is not a commodity

A recent conversation about application performance set Catchpoint CEO Mehdi Daoudi on edge—metaphorically speaking. “[I’m] a little bit tired of…


Chooch AI speeds up AI vision for face biometrics with Nvidia, edge processing

Chooch AI, a provider of technology and services for visual AI, announced that it has achieved several breakthroughs in the…


How open source can accelerate 5G, edge deployment for NSPs: A Q&A with Chad Foster, Red Hat

IBM made big news in 2019 with the $34B acquisition of Red Hat, the provider of open source software solutions…


From the cloud to the mist: Aerendir CEO on controlled identity data and edge AI

Even as artificial intelligence, biometrics and the internet of things become part of our everyday lives, tech has a big…


An interview with Kurt Daniel, CEO, Ubersmith

Edge Industry Review has attended many edge computing-related events over the last year. After listening to speakers at Edge Congress…

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