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Polygon introduces Supernets, a customizable blockchain stack with a $100M support fund

Polygon introduces Supernets, a customizable blockchain stack with a $100M support fund

Polygon Technology, a developer of Web3 infrastructure on Ethereum, has announced Polygon Supernet. Supernet technology allows developers to build custom networks while reducing the costs associated with the servers needed to run them. As the company says, “Every Supernet is built and run for a specific application, project or use case,” which gives the chance to leverage dedicated Web3 hosting.

The foundation for Polygon Supernet is the challenges faced by the customization blockchain stack, Polygon Edge, which allows developers to quickly deploy Web3 applications on the blockchain network without compromising security and performance. Polygon Edge is a modular framework that supports a wide range of infrastructure solutions from sovereign and enterprise Ethereum Virtual Machine chains to Layer 2 solutions.

Typically, blockchain networks have low scalability with massive data and are identified as the most significant barrier to establishing a public blockchain in commercial situations. Scalability is referred to the network’s capacity to sustain larger throughput and ability to handle sudden changes in the workload.

Polygon Technology’s challenges in projects using Polygon Edge are the complexity of bootstrapping a decentralized validator set with a coordinated mechanism. This challenge affects the network’s security and consumes a lot of bandwidth. Another challenge is the complexity of choosing between different architectures. Polygon Edge supports multiple infrastructure solutions, giving the developer an option to choose between several solutions and chain configurations.

Polygon Supernets are able to connect with each other as well as with Ethereum. “Every Supernet can exchange value and messages with other Supernets and the Ethereum main net,” the team explained.

“We are considering starting a broader, formal effort to design and establish a cross-chain communication protocol to connect all Polygon networks and potentially even other Ethereum ecosystem networks,” they noted.

As Polygon Technology aims to bring mass adoption of Web3 applications, the company has committed $100M to develop and adopt Supernets. The funds are expected to be used for research contracts, third-party integration, project onboarding, liquidity mining, and acquisitions.

“For mass adoption of Web3 to take hold, it is critical to abstract the complexities of blockchain development and simultaneously offer scaling ability and personalization,” said Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon. “Polygon Supernets deliver all this, enabling any project to fast-track their blockchain ambitions and join the growing Polygon multi-chain ecosystem.”

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