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The end devices, processors, servers, and other computing equipment that enables and utilizes edge computing. This category also includes developments in the housings, maintenance and operations of edge data centers and deployments.

South Australian artificial intelligence (AI) company AICRAFT has secured a contract with European imaging firm Scanway Space. The partnership aims…

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EdgeCortix introduces SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator for genAI applications

EdgeCortix, a Japanese fabless semiconductor company, has unveiled the SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator, specifically designed to deliver high performance and…


OnLogic opens new global HQ in South Burlington, Vermont amid rising IoT edge demands

OnLogic, a global industrial computer hardware manufacturer and solution provider, has inaugurated its 150,000 square foot headquarters in South Burlington,…


BrainChip, Frontgrade Gaisler forge alliance on space-grade AI-enabled microprocessors

BrainChip Holdings, a neuromorphic computing device provider, and Frontgrade Gaisler, a system-on-chip solutions provider, have joined forces to explore the…


GigaIO, SourceCode develop Gryf AI supercomputer in a cabin luggage form factor

GigaIO, a company specializing in AI infrastructure, has joined forces with SourceCode, a provider of compliant IT systems, to create…


Vertiv launches SmartRow 2 edge data center system to reduce deployment time and costs

Vertiv, a provider of digital infrastructure solutions, has unveiled an edge data center solution called SmartRow 2. This design is…


Lantronix offers asset and fleet management solutions with FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker

Lantronix, a renowned provider of advanced IoT solutions, has introduced two telematic gateways–the FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker….


Supermicro expands its IoT embedded systems utilizing Intel Atom x7000RE CPUs

Supermicro, an IT solutions manufacturer specializing in AI, has launched a new product line of IoT embedded systems. These systems…


Hailo raises $120 million and launches Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator

Hailo has secured $120 million in its Series C funding round, bringing the total to over $340 million, which showcases…


Avassa, OnLogic partner to offer a full-stack solution for industrial IoT edge environments

Avassa, a provider of application and infrastructure management services, has teamed up with OnLogic, a solution provider and manufacturer of…

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