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Edge Industry Review (EdgeIR.com) is a news, analysis and industry resource website documenting the changes taking place on the edge of the internet infrastructure market – the present and the future of Edge Computing.

Today, there are a variety of definitions of Edge Computing. We will cover the debates that are occurring and explain their implications for the network operator, data center operator, cloud provider and the people and investors that are building new services. As part of the discussion, we will also present the viewpoints of the thought leaders of the Edge Internet Economy.

The next Internet evolution is upon us and EdgeIR.com will be at the forefront with insightful news and commentary.

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The EdgeIR.com team

Stephen Mayhew is managing director and co-founder of Edge Industry Review. Find Stephen on LinkedIn.

Candice Rodriguez is director of business development and co-founder for Edge Industry Review and responsible for partnerships and advertising/sponsorship sales. Find Candice on LinkedIn.

Jim Davis is the editor of Edge Industry Review. Jim is a research analyst with a track record of providing insights into the technologies and companies that are influencing markets. He has presented and moderated at events such as Edge Congress Americas, IoT Tech Expo, Capacity North America, CDN World Summit, and CDN World Forum. Find Jim on LinkedIn.

Daniel Beazer is a Senior Contributing Analyst at Structure Research, an independent research firm focused on the cloud, hosting and data center infrastructure service provider markets. Find Jim on LinkedIn.

Jim Nash is a business journalist. His byline has appeared in The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Robotics Business Review, Biometric Update and other publications. You can find Jim on LinkedIn.

Luana Pascu is a Toronto-based writer and contributor to Edge Industry Review. She has also written about IoT, smart homes, biometrics, machine learning, and ethical issues in cybersecurity.

Chris Burt is a Toronto-based writer and contributor to Edge Industry Review. He is also the editor of Biometric Update.

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