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ACCIONA, a global infrastructure operator, has evolved its water desalination plants through the implementation of real-time optimized Machine Learning (ML)…

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Namla, Supermicro join forces to optimize edge infrastructure management

Namla, a startup specializing in cloud-to-edge computing solutions, has partnered with Supermicro, a manufacturer of servers, storage, 5G and edge…


Vodafone 5G, MEC tech to enable driverless car rental hailing service

Vodafone Business recently announced that it is supporting Imperium Drive. This UK-based technology start-up offers a new approach to car…


Hypori awarded NGA contract to provide secure BYOD solutions

Hypori, a SaaS company providing secure access to data on edge devices, has been contracted by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency…


Cloudflare: Leaning into AI after 1Q23 results show good growth for edge services

Cloudflare recently reported its 1Q23 earnings, which showed revenue growth that’s coming at a slowing pace amid a tough macroeconomic…


Couchbase Capella on Microsoft Azure marketplace: Implications for growth

Couchbase has revealed that its cloud Database-as-a-Service platform, Capella, will now be available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. According to…


Together secures $20M seed funding to develop open-source AI and cloud platform

Together, an open-source AI startup, recently announced a $20M seed funding round led by Lux Capital to build an open-source…


Nokia, Claro deploy 4.9G wireless network at Colombian maritime terminal

Nokia and Claro have partnered to deploy the first industrial-grade private 4.9G wireless network in Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía. Puerto…


Faircom expands offerings with new edge computing solutions for Industry 4.0

Faircom, a provider of database management systems, has recently released two edge offerings – the Faircom Edge and Faircom MQ….


More analysts, pundits make wrongheaded argument about edge ‘eating’ cloud

By Phil Shih, Managing Director and Founder of Structure Research. In previous years, analysts and pundits have put forward the…

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