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There are a variety of types of organizations working to develop and promote edge computing. Some are internationally recognized standards bodies, while many others are industry organizations that are collections of companies working to develop different parts of the edge technology stack. Apart from developing standards, many of these organizations work on defining use cases and on the promotion of technologies such as software, wireless networks, and so on.

Rugged high performance compute provider One Stop Systems has been accepted as a member of two US Department of Defense…

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Auto edge consortium advances green mobility with white paper and proof of concept

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) has released a white paper titled “Connected Infrastructure for the Realization of the Green…


LF Edge unveils two new community projects for IoT edge

LF Edge, an open source edge computing umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, has announced the addition of two new…


LoRa Alliance welcomes EchoStar Mobile to its board of directors

The LoRa Alliance has announced that EchoStar Mobile, a provider of satellite communication solutions, has joined its Board of Directors….


5G and edge tech power transatlantic holographic meeting

The 5G Future Forum (5GFF) and Matsuko announced the completion of the first-ever real-time transatlantic holographic meeting enabled by 5G…


SixSq announces Horizon Europe project involvement; adds new marketing manager

SixSq, which provides an edge-to-cloud management platform and application marketplace, has recently announced its involvement in three Horizon Europe projects….


WIA report analyzes U.S. in-building wireless landscape and market potential

According to a recent market study by the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), in-building wireless networks are rising in the United…


Researchers seek to enhance real-time mobile AR games with novel edge-native approach

A new research paper from Carnegie Mellon’s Living Edge Lab explores the future of synchronous, multiplayer mobile Augmented Reality (mAR)…


Gaia-X project defines network architecture for Euro cloud, edge services

The Gaia-X project Tellus, led by Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX, has defined its technical architecture for current use cases….


CNCF outlines cloud vs edge-native application principles

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently released a new whitepaper outlining edge native application principles. Having a broader swath…

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