Explaining Edge Computing

The edge is fundamentally about reaching end users wherever they are. It is about moving compute infrastructure to reach remote end users and building out increased density in major metros where there are masses of end users and devices. Read on for expert insight about the edge ecosystem and edge internet economy.

As industries such as energy, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare embark on digital transformation efforts, IoT device and software adoption has…

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All along the cell tower: where to place edge and micro data centers?

Edge computing is a growing trend in digital networking, with investment, research and development, and now deployments of edge devices…


Defining the edge layers for next-gen applications

The old paradigm for digital products could be characterized thusly: build IT infrastructure to support a service and “bring” your…


Network edge workload, traffic growth to impact on data center design

The growth in sales of connected devices is good news for some companies, but datacenter providers are looking at the…


LF Edge releases v2 of Open Glossary of Edge Computing

The Linux Foundation’s LF Edge umbrella organization has released the second version of its Open Glossary of Edge Computing to…

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