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nLighten installs solar panels on its Milton Keynes edge data center facility

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nLighten installs solar panels on its Milton Keynes edge data center facility

To ensure sustainable edge computing, it is important to rely on renewable energy sources to power the data centers at the edge. nLighten, a company that focuses on developing edge data centers and digital infrastructure, has made an announcement about the installation of solar panels on its Milton Keynes edge data center facility.

They have installed more than 1000 solar panels across a 4500 square meter rooftop, which can generate up to 478 kW of power. This amount of energy is enough to fulfill all the building’s power demands during certain periods, the company says.

According to nLighten, this installation will help reduce over 90 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions annually. To put it into perspective, this is equivalent to the emissions from flying between London and New York over 80 times each year, the company claims.

“At nLighten, the energy transition and assisting a sustainable digital economy are at the core of our DNA. We are proud to continue on our journey to create the next step for the data center industry and align edge data centers with the sustainable transition,” said John Hall, managing director for nLighten UK.

nLighten’s data centers in Eschborn, Germany have implemented a program that repurposes waste heat to warm several buildings in the city, showcasing the practical application of circular economy principles in data center operations.

The Milton Keynes edge data center is equipped with robust infrastructure, including dual connections to the National Grid, backup generators and batteries, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure a reliable power supply.

Hall adds, “Our solar power initiative at the Milton Keynes site in the UK will be welcomed by existing and new customers looking to meet environmental sustainability requirements. The solar installation will make a positive and notable contribution to their ESG targets.”

As part of its strategic expansion plan into European locations, nLighten has acquired seven edge data centers from EXA Infrastructure, enabling the company to reach new markets in Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain.

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