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Abhishek Jadhav is an engineering student, RISC-V ambassador and a freelance technology and science writer with bylines at Wevolver, Electromaker, Embedded Computing Design, Electronics-Lab, Hackster, and Electronics-Lab. Find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

EdgeCortix, a Japanese fabless semiconductor company, has unveiled the SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator, specifically designed to deliver high performance and…

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What is edge orchestration?

With the increasing use of heterogeneous networks and edge computing infrastructure in enterprises of all sizes, the need to manage…


From on-prem to cloud, now edge computing… What’s next?

A few decades ago, computer science in the hardware field was a complex effort until the significant advancements in silicon…


T5 Data Centers plans to build a 480 MW capacity data center campus in Illinois

T5 Data Centers announced its plan to develop a new data center campus in Grayslake, Illinois. The project will span…


GigaIO, SourceCode develop Gryf AI supercomputer in a cabin luggage form factor

GigaIO, a company specializing in AI infrastructure, has joined forces with SourceCode, a provider of compliant IT systems, to create…


BrainChip patents for improving the learning capabilities of spiking neural networks

BrainChip has received an Australian patent for “An Improved Spiking Neural Network,” which outlines a strategy for enhancing the learning…


Vertiv launches SmartRow 2 edge data center system to reduce deployment time and costs

Vertiv, a provider of digital infrastructure solutions, has unveiled an edge data center solution called SmartRow 2. This design is…


Lantronix offers asset and fleet management solutions with FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker

Lantronix, a renowned provider of advanced IoT solutions, has introduced two telematic gateways–the FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker….


Scale Computing, Reskube collaborate to ensure continuous operations for complex edge deployments

Scale Computing, an edge computing solutions provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Reskube, a business continuity specialist. Together, they…


Advantech, Phison collaborate to develop a GenAI computing platform for the edge

Advantech, a provider of embedded computing solutions, has joined forces with Phison, a company focused on flash controller and storage…

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