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Firefly Aerospace to host AI-driven navigation application on Elytra edge compute platform

Firefly Aerospace to host AI-driven navigation application on Elytra edge compute platform

Firefly Aerospace, a company offering comprehensive space services, has partnered with Klepsydra Technologies, an AI software specialist. The two companies will collaborate on a project that involves Klepsydra’s AI-driven navigation app being hosted on Firefly’s Elytra edge compute platform, which will be launched aboard the Alpha rocket.

The Elytra vehicle comes equipped with both hardware and software necessary for computational tasks and data analysis directly on the spacecraft. This eliminates the need to send large amounts of raw data back to Earth for processing.

“Rather than relaying all this data to the ground, Elytra’s edge compute platform enables onboard data processing to support real-time decision-making and a wide range of autonomous applications, such as space domain awareness, anomaly detection, and vision navigation,” says Jana Spruce, vice president of Spacecraft.

The Elytra edge compute platform is integrated with the core avionics, which means it is connected to the spacecraft’s central control systems. This allows for access to a wide range of data sources, including payload, sensor, and camera telemetry. Additionally, the platform functions as an on-orbit data processing device that facilitates the execution of software applications in space.

“We are deeply honored by the trust Firefly has placed in us as we demonstrate our ground-breaking AI software for space processors,” says Pablo Ghiglino, CEO of Klepsydra Technologies.

Klepsydra Technologies says that the Elytra Mission 1 will help them test and optimize the AI-powered navigation application. With the integration, the software solution can implement complex tasks, including real-time attitude determination, cloud detection, guidance, navigation, and control (GNC).

Led by Spicehaus Partners, Klepsydra Technologies secured $1.17 million USD (over 1 million Swiss francs) in funding to expand its product offerings and accelerate growth in the edge computing field.

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