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nLighten acquires seven edge data centers from EXA Infrastructure to expand into Europe

nLighten acquires seven edge data centers from EXA Infrastructure to expand into Europe

nLighten, a company specializing in digital infrastructure and edge data center development, has strategically expanded its presence in the European market by acquiring seven edge data centers from EXA Infrastructure. This has resulted in an increase in nLighten’s total number of edge data centers to 34 in Europe.

This acquisition not only strengthens nLighten’s existing presence in France, the UK, and the Netherlands but also opens up new markets in Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. By diversifying its portfolio, nLighten is equipped to serve clients across various geographical locations, reducing its dependency on any single market.

EXA Infrastructure says that the sale of these data centers will allow them to focus on their core competencies, particularly their terrestrial and subsea fiber network. “The sale allows EXA Infrastructure to exclusively focus on building and operating the mission-critical network infrastructure that enables our customers’ growth,” adds Nick Collins, chief commercial officer at EXA Infrastructure.

According to Harro Beusker, the co-founder and chief executive officer at nLighten, the acquisition has facilitated the availability of a wide range of services for its customers. These services include, colocation, connectivity, and on-site services.

He empahsizes, “This acquisition underscores nLighten’s commitment to empowering businesses across Europe with world-class data center solutions and brings us closer to our goal of building and operating a leading European edge data center platform.”

Last year, nLighten made a similar strategic acquisition of Gyro Center, a data center situated in Amsterdam. The company said that Amsterdam stands out as a key hub for data centers and internet connectivity, on par with cities like London, Paris, and Frankfurt.

Edge data centers have become a key part of the distributed architecture that aims for reduced latency, optimized bandwidth, and improved performance. The role of edge data centers in IoT and AI technologies is significant as they can handle complex AI workloads through their robust infrastructure and advanced cooling technology.

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