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TDK Ventures’ DX Week 2022 will cover metaverse, edge computing and more future tech

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TDK Ventures, known for investing in early-stage tech startups, announced the schedule for DX (digital transformation) Week 2022 which will cover tech talks from authors, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors. The event will start on April 18 and run through April 22 to provide insights on digital technologies from over 30 speakers.

The online tech forum will follow a similar format as the previous TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021 held in October which covered innovations in the energy and battery fields. Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures said “Our Energy Week 2021 delivered on its promise to show everyone the innovations that could power tomorrow’s world and cleanly produce and store its energy.”

“We hold even higher expectations for DX Week 2022 and its potential to offer a series of inspirational, provocative, interactive discussions that will inspire tomorrow’s inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors to follow their dreams and capitalize on their knowledge, skill, and insight,” Sauvage added.

DX Week 2022 will kick off on Monday, April 18, 2022 with discussions covering the metaverse from the viewpoint of gaming and entertainment while including other relevant applications such as virtual workspaces, remote collaboration and the gamification of education. The discussion is expected to continue to cover the integration of hardware, software and ‘wetware’ to create a metaverse that allows consumers to explore a whole new world of possibility in virtual spaces.

On the second day of the digital transformation forum, the session will trace the developments of cellular connectivity such as 5G/6G, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, satellite, and other technologies that enable services for everything from light switches to smartwatches and streaming live videos. Moving ahead to the third day, experts will explore the incorporation of these technologies in edge computing as the increasing number of IoT devices leverage AI/ML capabilities to process edge data with low power consumption and low latency.

Wireless connectivity and edge computing are widely adopted for Industry 4.0 applications and the edge data from robots and intelligent machines in the industry setup require faster computation. What then are the requirements and applications for Industry 5.0? On the fourth day, April 20, the panel will discuss several technologies related to Industry 5.0 including renewable energy generation, cleantech, data transmission, data acceleration, realistic simulations, biometrics, and much more.

Looking ahead, wireless communication between vehicles and physical objects in the vicinity will be required for improved autonomous driving. All of these transportation innovations will be discussed on the last day under the hood of “Future of Mobility.” Also on the agenda: technological advancements like battery swapping, vehicle-to-grid integration and clean hydrogen.

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