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DX Week 2022

DX Week 2022
Virtual Event
April 18-21, 2022

We live in a connected world. Sometimes, however, we take for granted our seamless interaction with physical objects, from simple household light switches to complex smartwatches and streaming live videos. These transactions and communications that we rely on daily in the digital world are made possible by digital transformation (DX). DX has integrated mobile technologies, miniaturized embedded sensors and devices, integrated networking, enabled cloud computing, and delivered sophisticated data analytics. Together, through DX, we can and are bringing a better, even more sustainable, tomorrow.

The convergence of the physical and digital universes has evolved into next-generation environments to create virtual worlds in which imagination transcends reality. This DX revolution will enable a hyperconnected world that transforms the way we live and interact with each other, with machines and our environment, enabling innovations and industries as yet unimagined.

TDK Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital arm of TDK, is hosting DX Week April 18-22 2022, an online gathering of entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and visionaries at the forefront of DX. Fresh off the overwhelming success of its Energy Week – an event focusing on the renewable and sustainable energy space , DX Week similarly invites thought leaders to share their dreams, expectations, and challenges concerning the future of digitization and how it will influence science and technology, mobility, manufacturing, finance, computing, society, entertainment, and life as we know it. DX week will include five 2-hour sessions  with diverse expert panelists, providing definitive insights into how these technologies will change the world.

“Energy week delivered on its promise to show everyone the innovations that could power tomorrow’s world and cleanly produce and store its energy,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures. “We hold similar lofty expectations for DX week and its potential to offer a series of inspirational, provocative interactive discussions that will inspire tomorrow’s inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors to follow their dreams and capitalize on their knowledge, skill, and insight. On a practical level, we also seek to uncover ‘the next big thing’ to take digital transformation to the next level.”


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