Siemens and Nvidia join hands to build an industrial metaverse experience

Siemens and Nvidia join hands to build an industrial metaverse experience

Siemens and Nvidia are extending their partnership to accelerate the use of digital twins in product development. The companies said they want to help bring productivity and process improvements across the production and product life cycles. As part of the collaboration, they will integrate the Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform and Nvidia Omniverse 3D design platform.

A growing number of companies are hoping to enable digital transformation across the manufacturing industry with immersive experiences. The use of digital twin technology and integrated edge AI will help companies to take industrial design and automation to the next level. Through companies claim customers can benefit from the real-time actionable insights to create interactive industrial IoT solutions.

“Through this partnership, we will make the industrial metaverse a reality for companies of all sizes,” said Roland Busch, president and CEO at Siemens AG. “When Siemens Xcelerator is connected to Omniverse, we will enable a real-time, immersive metaverse that connects hardware and software, from the edge to the cloud with rich data from Siemens’ software and solutions.”

Siemens Xcelerator platform is an open digital business platform that features a customized IoT hardware and software portfolio. Other components of the platform are the ecosystem of growing certified partners of hyperscalers and independent software vendors, and an evolving marketplace to explore, educate, exchange, and purchase.

Nvidia Omniverse is a 3D design platform that not only accelerates complex 3D workflows, but also enables new methods to visualize, simulate, and code ideas and innovation. The platform features the integration of advanced technologies, such as ray tracing, AI, and compute into 3D pipelines. As an AI-enabled platform with industrial-grade features, Nvidia Omniverse targets cloud and autonomous systems at the edge.

“Nvidia Omniverse and AI are ideal computation engines to represent the comprehensive digital twin from Siemens Xcelerator,” the press release notes.

“This is the first step in our joint effort to make industrial metaverse vision real for our customers and all parts of the global manufacturing industry,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO at Nvidia. “The connection to Siemens Xcelerator will open Nvidia’s Omniverse and AI ecosystem to a whole new world of industrial automation that is built using Siemens’ mechanical, electrical, software, IoT and edge solutions.”

Nvidia recently invested in an Ohio-based provider of robotic operating systems, Ready Robotics, to accelerate the adoption of advanced industrial automation systems. With this, Nvidia plans to integrate Ready Robotics’ Forge/OS with the company’s Omniverse Isaac Sim, a scalable robotics simulation application.

“Siemens and NVIDIA share a common vision that the industrial metaverse will drive digital transformation,” Huang further added.

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