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Rafay Systems launches open-source tool to secure Kubernetes access

Rafay Systems has launched an open-source project called Paralus that provides access management software. Paralus controls access to cloud-native applications for Kubernetes clusters in different operating environments, giving enterprise engineering teams better control of their fleet of Kubernetes clusters in public clouds and Kubernetes distribution and on-premise data centers.

Paralus is built on Zero Trust access principles, such as transaction-level authentication and authorizations, to enable secure access for developers, operations, SREs, and CI/CD tools to remote Kubernetes clusters. Paralus was developed to address the security issues of Kubernetes systems, which were accessible via the internet. The unified software tools provide authorized users access to clusters by acting as a proxy between the user requiring access and the Kubernetes API server.

“Rafay is leveraging its industry leadership and unmatched expertise in the Kubernetes arena to contribute this highly valuable asset to the community,” said Haseeb Budhani, CEO and co-founder of Rafay Systems. “Today, Paralus’ capabilities are the most widely used in the company’s Kubernetes Operations Platform offering and have been battle-tested by thousands of architects, developers, operations, and DevSecOps professionals at world-leading companies.”

Apart from the access management control feature, Paralus gives the flexibility to control access through pre-configured roles across clusters, namespaces, and projects. The software provides easy integration with identity providers to allow users to use an external authentication engine. There is an automatic logging system for all the user actions performed for auditing and compliance reasons.

Paralus provides a modern web GUI, CLI tools, and Paralus APIs for the enhanced user interface.

“We are excited to open source this technology, submit Paralus to the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), and assist the broader community in solving this critical access management issue that plagues Kubernetes deployments,” Budhani further added.

Rafay Systems recently announced several upgrades to its Kubernetes Operations Platform, such as the support for the Windows operating system to simplify the management of infrastructure used to support cloud, virtual machine and operating systems. The enhancement allows orchestrating Windows worker nodes with Linux on AMD64 and Arm instruction set architectures.

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