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How Equinix is re-thinking network monitoring for hybrid, multicloud and edge

By Zac Smith, Managing Director, Bare Metal at Equinix. Infrastructure best practices continue to evolve alongside growing investment in the…, Intequus accelerate edge data center builds with partnership and Intequus announced the availability of Verge-OS, the first software-defined data center operating system, for pre-installation on Intequus hardware….


EDJX, Autonomy Institute team up for autonomous vehicle, connected edge pilot program

Autonomy Institute, a cooperative research consortium focused on advancing and accelerating Autonomy and AI at the edge, recently announced plans…

Juniper Networks

At Juniper Networks, we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement that the…


NS1 joins the Cisco DevNet SolutionsPlus program

NS1 announced that the company has joined the Cisco DevNet SolutionsPlus program, making its enterprise DNS, DHCP, and IP address…


Las Vegas, NTT expand smart city project to 12 more parks

Las Vegas’ Community Healing Garden and a part of Las Vegas Boulevard are the new downtown locations added to the…


Seamster, Topio Networks examine edge computing’s use in retail, healthcare and beyond

Technologists and investors interested in diving into edge computing use cases have a new tool for market exploration. Topio Networks, an…


BEREC, EU Commission address bandwidth concerns; What’s the long term effect on the access edge?

As people are confined to their homes and social interactions and work move online due to the coronavirus pandemic, the…


StackPath and Fastly launch offerings to connect CDNs to cloud

A pair of technology providers have launched tools to help developers efficiently build and manage edge and next-generation infrastructure leveraging…


Report forecasts power requirements for edge use cases

The global power footprint of edge IT and data center facilities is expected to reach 102000 megawatts by 2028, according…

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