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What is edge orchestration?

What is edge orchestration?

With the increasing use of heterogeneous networks and edge computing infrastructure in enterprises of all sizes, the need to manage network complexities and resource allocation remains a significant challenge. This is particularly true for edge computing architecture, where edge nodes are dispersed across geographical locations, creating a demand for a solution.

Edge orchestration comes to the rescue as it automates the management, coordination, and optimization of resources and services at the edge of a network. There are two types of edge-orchestrated networks: centralized and distributed. In centralized edge orchestration, the orchestration functions are performed by a central edge orchestrator, while in distributed edge orchestration, multiple edge orchestrators are present at each local edge site in the network.

By utilizing edge orchestration, companies can enhance the efficiency and performance of their network by effectively managing resources, reducing latency, improving bandwidth utilization, and ensuring reliable service delivery across distributed environments. This has become a critical component in modern network architectures due to the increasing deployment of IoT devices and the need for real-time processing.

Edge requirements for orchestration platform

    1. Scalability: The edge orchestration platform should be capable of functioning at a large scale, handling a high volume of edge clouds and switches at the edges while supporting a variety of edge controller technologies. This includes the capability to adjust resources in real-time to accommodate fluctuating demands.
    2. Security: Implementing a robust mechanism to verify the integrity and security of the infrastructure at each layer is crucial. This involves physical, network, and application layer verifications. Additionally, the management of cryptographic keys for secure storage, generation, and handling of cryptographic materials is of utmost importance.
    3. Regulation: The orchestrator is responsible for ensuring that data generated at the edge remains within the local environment. This is crucial for complying with regulations and minimizing data travel distances to reduce latency. Adhering to GDPR and other privacy regulations requires implementing robust data protection measures, including encrypting user data at rest, in transit, and in use.
    4. Performance in constrained environments: The orchestration must demonstrate high performance in resource-constrained environments, effectively optimizing computing, storage, and network resources to ensure efficient operation even in challenging conditions.
    5. Edge application provisioning: The orchestration platform is required to dynamically redirect network traffic in order to optimize routes and enhance application performance. This adaptation must occur in real-time to accommodate changes in network conditions or application demands.

Key benefits of an edge orchestrator

    1. Resource management: Edge orchestration includes managing diverse resources, including computing power, storage, and networking capabilities at the edge.
    2. Automated service deployment: Automating application and service deployment at the edge facilitates expedited and more effective service delivery.
    3. Load balancing and traffic management: Edge orchestration is crucial in managing network traffic and load balancing to mitigate bottlenecks and ensure seamless service delivery.

Who are the service providers?

Nearby Computing provides a comprehensive edge orchestration and management platform that operates across all three tiers of the edge network, offering a unified view from the cloud to the edge. This platform effectively manages both virtualized and bare metal infrastructure while also automating integration with hyperscalers, private clouds, and Kubernetes stacks.

Other service providers include Sunlight, Avassa, Zededa, and Namla.

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