AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2024

AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2024
September 10-12, 2024
Signia by Hilton, San Jose, CA

What to Expect from 2024: More case studies of AI infrastructure deployments: AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit will feature case studies of recent large scale AI infrastructure deployments from industries such as: Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing and Energy.

Edge AI infrastructure and on-device machine learning: We’ll dive deeper into how infrastructure is developing for AI at the edge, and host case studies of cloud-edge AI deployments in industry.

Expanded coverage of MLOps and software infrastructure: Next year´s show will feature more players from the software infrastructure side, enabling AI practitioners to get the very best out of their infrastructure.

Non-technical briefings: New for 2024, we will be running non-technical briefings of the event covering the companies to watch, technology trends, and market dynamics, for investors, press and non-technical business stakeholders.

More hands-on workshops: Tinker with the most cutting-edge AI infrastructure and tooling in practical workshops designed to help developers design AI better and faster.

More networking opportunities: Spend more time meeting the royalty of Silicon Valley, and mingling with AI practitioners and infrastructure builders on our expanded exhibition floor of over 50 technology partners.

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