, Intequus accelerate edge data center builds with partnership, Intequus accelerate edge data center builds with partnership and Intequus announced the availability of Verge-OS, the first software-defined data center operating system, for pre-installation on Intequus hardware. The collaboration drastically accelerates the deployment of edge virtual data centers by coupling the customizability and reliability of Intequus edge server hardware with the performance and security of Verge-OS data center infrastructure.]

According to IDC,1 by 2025, 75 percent of an estimated 55.7 billion devices will connect to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Edge computing places latency-sensitive IoT devices near data processing (compute) resources, providing the speed necessary for optimal performance and user experience. Examples of IoT devices include industrial sensors, medical equipment, traffic management systems, and bandwidth-heavy video applications.

“ allows us to offer cloud providers an out-of-the-box virtual data center solution packed with management features at a price point other solutions can’t compete with,” says Jake Pomplun, Intequus Chief Revenue Officer.’s software-defined data center platform, Verge-OS, converts server hardware into the resources required to create and manage edge virtual data centers. Verge-OS deployments are versatile, with data centers ranging in size from computing-research universities to small businesses. The software’s validated ability to deliver performance and security along with simple deployment and management makes Verge-OS ideal for edge applications.

“Our partnership with Intequus represents a strong step forward in the edge computing marketplace,” notes Matthew Wenzler, CEO. “Intequus is recognized by the biggest names in the business for their hardware engineering and lifecycle management. The partnership instantly made sense to both sides.

Solution architects from and Intequus collaborated to engineer a customizable server lineup designed for high performance and rapid deployment. As a trusted integration partner to prominent technology companies, Intequus hardware provides reliability capable of meeting even the most remote edge data center’s needs.

While edge computing is not new, the arrival of 5G networks and artificial intelligence have brought it to the forefront of digital transformation planning. The union of and Intequus equips businesses with the power of Verge-OS in a hardware-delivery model that supports the demand for edge computing solutions.

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