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Vapor IO, Supermicro team up to unveil Zero Gap AI powered by NVIDIA

Vapor IO, Supermicro team up to unveil Zero Gap AI powered by NVIDIA

Vapor IO and Supermicro unveil Zero Gap AI, a partnership with the NVIDIA MGX platform featuring the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. Zero Gap AI offers a 5G- and AI-as-a-Service platform by Vapor IO, providing private 5G and GPU-based micro-clouds at locations near retail storefronts, factory floors and city intersections.

The platform enables hyperlocal AI services without onsite servers, providing fast responses, less reliance on centralized computing and secure data handling, the companies say.

Zero Gap AI, as mentioned, is powered by Supermicro servers utilizing the NVIDIA MGX platform with the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. The companies note that this design establishes a high-bandwidth link between the NVIDIA Grace CPU and the NVIDIA Hopper GPU for accelerated computing and AI servers.

These servers are being deployed across Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, available in 36 US cities.

Supermicro says its NVIDIA MGX server portfolio offers optimized design for various applications, including real-time inferencing and edge supercomputing. With the GH200 Superchip, these servers can simultaneously support 5G and AI tasks, allowing for tailored Zero Gap AI solutions, the companies say.

Cole Crawford, Vapor IO’s founder and CEO, explains: “By eliminating the need for onsite AI and 5G hardware and leveraging private fiber from nearby access points, we’re simplifying the process and cutting costs, enabling a seamless adoption and expansion of AI capabilities for businesses and municipalities alike.”

Zero Gap AI provides cost-effective AI services at scale by combining hyperlocal AI-as-a-service with private networking, the companies note. It enables businesses like retailers, municipalities and manufacturers to deploy AI solutions without expensive equipment, the companies note..

High demand for Zero Gap AI is expected across various sectors including smart cities, healthcare, retail, warehouse & logistics, hospitality, transportation, public venues and manufacturing.

Don Clegg, the senior vice president of worldwide sales at Supermicro, explains: “Leveraging Supermicro’s NVIDIA MGXTM system portfolio combined with Vapor IO’s 5G- and AI-as-a-Service can bring AI processing power and 5G to the intelligent edge.

Companies that embrace this technology will have a competitive advantage in the market.”

The companies also note that Zero Gap AI delivers local data analysis, eliminating the requirement to send data to a central cloud. This ensures cost savings, time efficiency and control over data sovereignty, locality and compliance.

Zero Gap AI claims that it enables AI service delivery through wired and wireless networks using direct fiber connections to Zero Gap AI access nodes. It includes high-speed private network connections over dedicated fiber or existing last-mile networks. For broader onsite coverage, like in large factories, private 5G can provide wireless access.

Elad Nafshi, the chief network officer at Comcast, notes: “We’re continuously innovating and collaborating with partners like Vapor IO to identify new ways to leverage our network, and Zero Gap AI is a unique opportunity to expand the limits of what we can do together with edge computing services.”

Zero Gap AI debuts in Atlanta and Chicago, leveraging Comcast’s network for services like real-time video processing and AR experiences.

According to a recent Structure Research analyst note, the developing demand for AI is driving investment in cloud services and infrastructure. Vapor IO’s approach involves offering a GPU-based cloud service in smaller increments from purpose-built edge data centers, focusing on specific latency-sensitive workloads. The combination of AI and 5G presents interesting possibilities in retail and manufacturing use cases.

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