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Iceotope to reduce telco operators’ energy costs; creates AI-driven cooling tech

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Iceotope to reduce telco operators’ energy costs; creates AI-driven cooling tech

Iceotope, a precision liquid cooling provider, launches the second-generation KUL RAN, a 2U chassis with HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen11 servers and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

According to the company, this enterprise-grade solution is ideal for high-density, low latency RAN and edge computing services.

Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling, combined with HPE’s server market expertise and Intel’s x86 silicon, provides a solution to cut telecom market emissions. The KUL RAN (2U) solution lowers server power use by 20%. It decreases component failure rates by up to 30%, extending IT equipment lifespan, the company explains.

Telco operators are increasingly concerned about the costs of power and its carbon impact. Energy consumption makes up a significant portion of their expenses. Rising global energy prices have further escalated these costs.

David Craig, CEO at Iceotope, says: “Global energy costs and net zero commitments are factoring strongly into operators’ strategic planning and financial bottom lines. Our new KUL RAN (2U) solution can have a real impact as operators explore their extreme edge strategies.”

Open RAN or vRAN supports sustainability by reducing the energy consumption of the RAN.

The company says that KUL RAN brings precision liquid cooling benefits to edge computing sites and increases the server equipment’s stability and security. It reduces cooling costs without infrastructure changes.

Operators using KUL RAN (2U) can save over $40 million yearly with 20% energy consumption savings, according to Iceotope.

SKT, Iceotope, SK Enmove collaborate on AI-driven cooling technology in data centers

SKT, Iceotope, and SK Enmove are joining forces under an MOU to implement Precision Liquid Cooling at SKT’s AI Data Center Testbed.

The goal is to showcase PLC’s cooling efficiency and power savings benefits. Additionally, SKT plans to create an integrated Coolant Distribution Unit with Iceotope’s technical support.

Seo Sang-hyuk, the VP and head of the e-Fluids B2B business office at SK Enmove, says: “The importance of establishing a sustainable environment is increasing these days. Through this cooperation, we aim to contribute to the vitalization of the immersion cooling market and solidify our position as an energy-saving company.”

Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling (PLC) technology uses dielectric fluid to remove heat from server components and reduce energy consumption.

SKT aims to create an AI-driven autonomous cooling system for data centers. This system will optimize temperature and power load, enhancing operational efficiency, the company notes.

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