Spectro Cloud’s Palette Edge update promises to simplify managing Kubernetes at the edge

Spectro Cloud’s Palette Edge update promises to simplify managing Kubernetes at the edge

Spectro Cloud has updated its Palette Edge platform to feature enhanced security and operational efficiencies for Kubernetes at the edge. Adding new features to the core Palette edge platform will enable Kubernetes to meet the demand for IoT applications, including streaming, analytics and AI inference, the company said.

According to a Dimensional Research study, 72 percent of Kubernetes users found deploying and managing Kubernetes on edge devices very challenging. The company says that with the Spectro Cloud Palette edge platform, enterprises can readily deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale. The platform does not need information technology experts to run it and can operate with marginal connectivity.

“This brand-new set of capabilities is making edge K8s locations as easy as a cloud for our customers,” said Tenry Fu, co-founder and CEO of Spectro Cloud. “With a platform that can scale to tens of thousands of edge locations, requirements like security, resiliency, and ease-of-use can be game changers, and this has been our focus in the latest release.”

Spectro Cloud research discovered that security is the primary concern for users when adopting Kubernetes at the edge. Palette Edge allows operation teams to build secure configurations for edge devices to address this issue. The failsafe deployment model helps enterprise-scale applications experience zero downtime, increasing overall efficiency.

Palette Edge’s features will now be available to all customers through the new edge-optimized Kubernetes distribution version of Spectro Cloud. The firm has also advanced its efforts for the cloud-native community, with over fifty open source and commercial cloud-native integrations available.

Spectro Cloud’s Kairos project leads an open-source effort to deliver failsafe immutability at the edge with any operating system and Kubernetes distribution. Version 1.0 of Kairos is available with extended community support and is free to download and use.

“For us, the edge is an enabler to help clinicians deliver better patient outcomes by deploying technology closer to the user,” said Vignesh Shetty, SVP and GM Edison AI and Platform at GE Healthcare Digital. “The need for a secure, cost-effective approach to manage Kubernetes at the edge at scale is more relevant than ever before.”

Earlier this year, the company earned the ‘2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in Edge Computing‘ by Gartner because of its Spectro Cloud Palette Edge platform.

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