Luos update promises to save space on MCUs at the edge

Luos update promises to save space on MCUs at the edge

Luos, a provider of open source software for edge and embedded distributed systems, announced an update to its software. The software update aims to reduce the amount of space required on multipoint control units (MCUs) with limited resources while giving users more flexibility in choosing which MCU to use.

With the update, the company stores the routing table information centrally. Now, individual nodes don’t need to receive or store this data. Users can choose which nodes have access to the network routing table, saving precious space on resource-constrained MCUs. Luo’s topology detection feature provides a detailed network topology map to allow users to view the hardware, its services, and its physical location.

“This new feature allows us to send the routing table to nodes according to our choices,” said François Leborne, research and development manager at Nimbl’bot. “If it’s a driver, for example, and it has to handle only requests, it’s useless to store the whole network topology.”

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The request for the new feature came directly from the Discord community of edge and embedded developers. Here, members help other members with debugging and configuring issues. Users also advise others regarding hardware choices and offer additional technical advice.

Since its inception several months ago, the Discord community has grown to include over 4000+ developers, engineers and senior technical staff. According to the company, the Discord server now has engineers from Tesla, Siemens, and several other companies. All of these people contribute to the development and improvement of the open-source software platform through their contributions.

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What’s next in line for the Luos ecosystem?

To monetize its work, Luos plans to develop add-on functionalities on top of the open-source software tool.

The Luos team is creating an open-source solution that uses microservices concepts for embedded and edge systems. This allows users to reuse and share functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded application projects.

The Luos microservices architecture is flexible and can be used for an unlimited number of projects. It can run as a single service on a single node (physical component “hardware” running Luos) or multiple services on multiple nodes.

Luos also recently provided support for the open-source SimpleFOC project, which is an Arduino library to control various types of motors. This Arduino SimpleFOC library enables the Field Oriented Control algorithm and supports many motors, sensors, drivers, and microcontrollers. The company also published a video showing the company integrating the SimpleFOC into Luos technology.

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