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DH2i, Red Hat enable faster deployment of critical workloads across multi-cloud and edge environments

DH2i, a provider of always-on IT infrastructure, has partnered with Red Hat to enable the efficient deployment of edge workloads…


Extenda Retail leverages Avassa edge platform to enhance in-store software delivery

Avassa has announced that Extenda Retail, a retail software provider, has picked Avassa’s application edge orchestration platform to become part…


Infineon, Memfault join forces to enhance edge application development

Memfault, an IoT reliability platform, has partnered with Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer, to enhance the productivity of engineers using Infineon…


Section promises fast, global deployment of cloud-native apps with new on-demand feature

Section, an edge services provider, says that developers can deploy cloud-native apps quickly and easily with its new On-Demand Deployment…


Spectro Cloud’s Palette Edge update promises to simplify managing Kubernetes at the edge

Spectro Cloud has updated its Palette Edge platform to feature enhanced security and operational efficiencies for Kubernetes at the edge….


Weaveworks’ GitOps update streamlines, secures Kubernetes deployments cloud-to-edge

Weaveworks, known for its GitOps Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery, has released a new version of its platform. The…


Nokia’s new MXIE features claim to simplify, secure Industrial Edge apps

Nokia unveiled new platform capabilities and applications for its on-premises Mission Critical Industrial Edge (MXIE) compute solution. To help enterprises…


Ridge launches hybrid cloud to speed up deployments from cloud to edge

Ridge, an edge cloud provider, has launched a new comprehensive cloud solution called Hybrid Cloud. Ridge says its distributed cloud…


Traceable AI’s update helps secure the enterprise edge from API-based attacks

Traceable AI, an API security and observability company, recently announced enhanced capabilities to address specific API attacks, including API abuse…


NS1 joins Intel Network Builders, brings application management smarts to edge ecosystem

NS1, a provider of managed DNS services and application traffic intelligence and automation, recently joined the Intel Network Builders program….

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