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Rafay Systems starts alliance program for easier Kubernetes management

Rafay Systems starts alliance program for easier Kubernetes management

Rafay Systems, a Kubernetes management and operations solutions provider, has launched a technical alliance program to help enterprise customers manage workloads and clusters at scale. The joint program by Rafay Systems and its strategic partners seeks to upgrade Kubernetes deployment for their shared customers.

The Kubernetes addon catalog provides partners’ technology within the Rafay Systems platform. This includes a collection of applications that enterprises can readily select and deploy to their respective Kubernetes clusters. Rafay Systems understands that enterprises deal with multiple software applications that can be hard to integrate and keep up-to-date, especially as workloads and clusters grow. Rafay Systems’ Kubernetes addon catalog provides developers with a comprehensive collection of software add-ons that allow them to easily self-service curated cluster configurations.

“To be successful, Kubernetes requires a number of integrated addons to integrate and work harmoniously,” said Mahesh Chaudhari, vice president of global business development and alliances at Rafay Systems. “Working alongside our customers and market-leading partners, Rafay has strategically selected the solutions critical to making modern infrastructure operations simple, fast, and accessible — driving end-user innovation to meet enterprise demand.”

Market research firm Omdia estimated in a recent report that the container management solutions market will experience a CAGR of 37 percent through 2026. This fast-growing segment of the infrastructure software market is being driven by greater use of edge computing that is also integrated with cloud environments, analysts said.

That cloud-to-edge management of enterprise applications is a challenge that Rafay Systems wants to help tame by providing two types of catalogs for users, namely custom catalogs and system catalogs. Within this program, users can create custom catalogs that they can add to their applications as needed. The system catalog includes a curated list of available applications by default.

“Enterprises are accelerating innovation using Kubernetes as the backbone of their cloud-native architectures,” said Bryan Smoltz, vice president of technology partnerships at Sysdig. “Rafay is helping to simplify Kubernetes for developer and operation teams. By partnering with Sysdig, Rafay is ensuring its customers have access to deep insights to secure their containers and cloud from source to run.”

Earlier this year, the company launched an open-source project called Paralus that offers access management software. Paralus provides security and access control to cloud-based applications deployed on Kubernetes clusters in various operational settings. Enterprise engineering teams can manage their Kubernetes clusters more efficiently with the software, whether in public clouds, using a Kubernetes distribution or on-premise data centers.

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