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HPE CEO predicts edge computing will be ‘the next big opportunity for us’

HPE CEO predicts edge computing will be ‘the next big opportunity for us’

HPE CEO Antonio Neri believes the company’s success in recent years is due to its focus on emerging technologies like edge computing.

In fact, edge computing is “the next big opportunity for us,” Neri said in a recent interview.

“It’s a big market opportunity because not only is the market expanding, but we are entering new segments of the market with new offers as a part of our edge-to-cloud strategy,” stated Neri in a Yahoo Finance Live interview.

As the market for edge computing continues to grow, HPE sees new opportunities in areas such as private 5G networking, IoT and data switching. Along with its flagship SD-WAN product, HPE offers a range of other offerings through its GreenLake platform and data services. With these factors combined, the company expects significant growth over the next three years in the $250 billion edge computing market.

Neri explains that in 2019, HPE committed to making its edge solutions available as a service through its HP GreenLake platform. It achieved a significant milestone earlier this year with the addition of workload optimization, infrastructure as a service and data services to this platform. As the company continues to build out its offerings in this area, Neri predicts that its AIR will grow by 35 to 45% over the next three years.

Additionally, he notes that HPE has already achieved $7.7 billion in total contract value for its Azure service business.

With the increasing demand for its products and services, HPE’s GreenLake offering is one of the most popular options among today’s businesses. According to CEO Antonio Neri, this popularity is due in part to the unified cloud experience that GreenLake provides and its ability to extend into the public cloud and new edge use cases.

“That’s the next big opportunity for us because we live in a much more distributed enterprise than ever before,” continued Neri. “And also new use cases are being developed and deployed at the edge.”

He believes that these factors make GreenLake a key differentiator for HPE. The ongoing demand for its services demonstrates the importance of digital transformation and IT in today’s enterprises.

Neri says the company can succeed in the current business environment, despite potential disruptions caused by factors like inflation and foreign exchange trends. This confidence is driven by HPE’s backlog of orders and its shift toward product and portfolio innovation.

“We are also growing recurrent revenues, representing more than 1/3 of our total revenues. And by the way, almost 80% of our profits are recurring. Additionally, the company has strong cash flow to meet its growth targets successfully,” Neri told Yahoo Finance Live.

SUSE also announced the extension of a 25-year partnership with HPE not too long ago to deliver more efficient management of workloads at the enterprise edge. To make the technology more accessible to more enterprise customers, SUSE integrated K3s, SUSE Rancher and SUSE Linux Enterprise on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud service platform.

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