Porsche Ventures steers investment in Zededa for automotive edge computing solutions

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Porsche Ventures steers investment in Zededa for automotive edge computing solutions

Zededa, an edge orchestration solutions provider, has received a strategic investment from Porsche Ventures, a venture capital division of the sports car manufacturer. Porsche Ventures and Zededa have been working together since 2021 to develop edge computing solutions for automobile manufacturers where edge sensor data bring value propositions to the “vehicle-to-everything” ecosystem.

In vehicle-to-everything (V2X), moving edge sensor data in real-time and providing insights to train machine learning models are the most important processes. Car manufacturers are exploring new ways to manage this data at their service center, and the collaboration between Zededa and Porsche Ventures is being extended as the companies continue to explore new uses for edge computing and high-speed networking technologies.

“As part of Porsche’s commitment to innovation, the company is always looking for technology that supports our ability to generate unique and sustainable solutions,” said Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital and CIO of Porsche. “This extended partnership with Zededa creates exciting possibilities for the automotive industry to take advantage of increased network speed and computing capacity.”

Zededa provides scalable cloud-based orchestration to reduce the challenges related to virtualization, security, analytics, scalability, and automation. The edge orchestration solution is designed to simplify the deployment, management, and security of edge IoT applications at scale. The platform is optimized to address the requirements of deploying computing at the distributed edge, even outside data centers, according to the company.

“Zededa continues to be a leader in edge computing,” says Stephan Baral, head of Porsche Ventures. “It is exciting to support their work in driving efficiencies in IT.”

Zededa’s cloud-native platform for orchestration of distributed edge systems is based on the open-source Linux-based EVE-OS. The deployed edge device runs EVE-OS so that the Zededa Cloud can orchestrate the edge nodes. The biggest advantage of utilizing EVE-OS is that the universal operating system prevents lock-in through the availability of open APIs. The EVE-OS is designed to simplify the orchestration of deploying containers and clusters to run cloud-native as well as legacy applications on desired edge hardware.

“Modern cars are effectively data centers on wheels and need the same level of speed and security,” said Said Ouissal, founder and CEO of Zededa.

Zededa recently announced the public availability of the “industry’s first” free online hub with educational resources on edge computing and Zededa’s orchestration solutions. The Edge Academy consists of free online video tutorials and eLearning courses about the challenges of distributed edge computing and the tools that Zededa’s open orchestration framework offers to enterprises.

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