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Zededa jump starts Open Edge ecosystem effort for edge orchestration software

Zededa jump starts Open Edge ecosystem effort for edge orchestration software

Zededa has launched its Open Edge Ecosystem of technology and services partners backed by the company’s open edge orchestration solution. Zededa’s open IoT edge orchestration solution is based on Project EVE, which it contributed to LF Edge in early 2019 as a founding member.

Project EVE now has nearly 50 unique contributors from Zededa, Xilinx, Intel, Global Logic, Atomic, GE Research and Timesys. LF Edge is a vendor-neutral open source organization backed by The Linux Foundation working to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing.

In a parallel to the open Android ecosystem, which represents close to 80% of the global market share for mobile, the EVE open computing engine seeks to drive the same scale and choice for IoT Edge solutions. Zededa’s open ecosystem is unified through the vendor-neutral EVE foundation, which supports customer choice of hardware, applications and cloud while mitigating lock-in.

Creating a Network Effect to Maximize Value Enabled by Edge and IoT Solutions

Over the past five years, the emerging Edge and IoT markets have produced a dizzying landscape of proprietary platforms—each with wildly different methods for data collection, orchestration and security. Zededa’s Open Edge Ecosystem solves these disparities by bringing market-leading hardware and software providers together with industry experts in verticals such as buildings, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas and retail to support the unique technological and domain-specific needs of each sector.

“The new product mindset is about continuous innovation and being part of something bigger than your own organization,” said Jason Shepherd, Zededa’s VP of Ecosystem. “Whether you build one or join one, it’s more important than ever in this world of digital transformation to be part of an ecosystem to maintain a competitive edge. Ultimately, it’s about creating a network effect for maximizing value, both for customers and the bottom line, and leveraging an open-source foundation is the fastest path to scale.”

Before joining Zededa, Shepherd was CTO of Edge and IoT at Dell Technologies and led the creation of Dell’s award-winning IoT ecosystem and the formation of the open-source EdgeX Foundry project, ushering in vendor-neutral interoperability for IoT edge computing. EdgeX recently hit 5 million downloads since launching in 2017.

“At Agora, we’re building new edge solutions to help our customers digitally transform their oil and gas operations,” said Sujit Kumar, President and CEO of Agora, a Schlumberger venture. “We believe that ecosystems are critical to achieving this goal, and we’re excited to be collaborating within ZEDEDA to augment our own innovations and services.”

“The ability to orchestrate partners’ solutions with reliable, scalable and intelligent edge devices in the value chain is critical to scaling successful services across industries,” said David Liu, Director of IoT Solutions and Strategic Alliances at Advantech. “An open ecosystem is providing the path to accelerate the business and reach this goal.”

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