OnLogic shipping platforms with IGEL’s edge OS for virtualization at industrial edge

OnLogic’s IGL200
OnLogic IGL200

Global industrial and IoT computer hardware manufacturer OnLogic has released its first two offerings as part of the new IGEL Ready program. OnLogic’s IGL200 and IGL300 – built for distributed computing, virtualization and thin client applications in challenging environments – are the company’s first systems to integrate IGEL software. Additional systems will be available in the coming weeks.

OnLogic industrial-grade computing systems are ultra compact, fanless and pack robust connectivity into a tiny footprint. As part of the IGEL Ready program, OnLogic customers are now able to leverage pre imaged IGEL software out of the box, providing a seamless experience for users in the manufacturing, energy, automation, and industrial IoT sectors. This partnership allows for increased customization on top of OnLogic’s existing suite of extensive configuration options.

“As part of the IGEL Ready ecosystem, OnLogic has expanded the software options available to our users to include one of the leaders in virtualization,” explains Carolyn Swan, Head of Strategic Partnerships at OnLogic. “This will provide our users with the essential tools and capabilities needed to build industry-leading distributed computing solutions, save time and money, and ensure applications and information are delivered effectively. Users who previously had limited hardware options due to challenging environmental conditions are now free to explore virtualized desktop infrastructure options thanks to this new relationship between OnLogic and IGEL.”

IGEL’s Linux based operating system, coupled with a scalable and easy to use management platform, allows users simple, secure access to cloud workspaces. This type of virtualized computing enables centralized management of applications, permissions and updates. OnLogic IGEL Ready hardware enhances the advantages of distributed computing by pairing IGEL’s OS with OnLogic thin client endpoints designed to resist damage due to extreme temperatures, airborne contaminants, vibration or impact forces. When integrated on OnLogic hardware, the IGEL platform is better equipped to function in rugged, harsh environments like a factory floor or a utility-scale wind turbine.

“The future of enterprise computing is in the cloud. The IGEL Ready program makes it easy for any company to deploy its applications to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces, reaching a new and relevant market and enabling world-class customer service,” says Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL. “We’re excited that OnLogic has joined our growing network of more than 90 IGEL Ready partners that are a part of a new movement in the end user computing industry.”

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