DartPoints, LOGIX partner to connect the edge data centers of Texas

DartPoints, LOGIX partner to connect the edge data centers of Texas

DartPoints is collaborating with LOGIX Fiber Networks to leverage LOGIX’s network to interconnect DartPoints’ facilities throughout Texas, enhancing regional backbone connectivity between each point and enabling single-hop reach to over 150 regional, national and international data centers and global internet peering hubs.

Through this initiative, DartPoints and its customers gain access to LOGIX’s extensive built-for-business fiber network. With this network’s enhanced Layer 2 connectivity over thousands of miles and reach to thousands of on-net and near-net buildings and locations, this collaboration enables greater access to edge interconnection points and end users throughout Texas.

This symbiotic relationship fortifies DartPoints’ edge interconnection strategy by:

• Enabling its interconnection and colocation data centers at the regional Texas edge to access more fiber and network providers, driving interconnections with reach to the greatest number of end users

• Enhancing these points’ aggregation capabilities to drive more interconnections between operators and content, application and cloud providers and ultimately improve overall network performance

• Ensuring access to the greatest number of end users from a single location in an open and neutral facility, supporting the demand required by content, application and cloud providers to deploy edge nodes

“LOGIX brings a crucial element to DartPoints’ existing regional footprint in Texas, allowing us to offer our edge points, and the providers that rely on them, expanded connectivity and geographic reach — a central facet of the fully optimized digital ecosystems we provide,” explains Hugh Carspecken, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for DartPoints. “We’re thrilled to maximize our relationship, as it underscores our dedication and ability to meet the evolving needs of rural, underserved and developing markets. We’re excited to see how networks and end users in the region grow and thrive as a result.”

“DartPoints’ vision for improved access to content and applications aligns well with LOGIX’s goal to leverage our high-quality fiber network to provide connectivity services to a growing number of end users throughout Texas,” adds Scott Brueggeman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for LOGIX. “As the largest independent fiber network operator in Texas, our extensive footprint offers customers exceptional access to connectivity solutions and can reach the greatest number of end users through a single connection. Together, we can improve the digital experience for the greatest number of businesses, education and research facilities, global enterprises and end users.”

Dartpoints recently brought a new interconnection-oriented edge data center online in eastern Iowa, showcasing a different deployment strategy than some of its competitors in the edge data center market.

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