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Lenovo AI Innovator partner byteLAKE is now part of Sunlight app library

Lenovo AI Innovator partner byteLAKE is now part of Sunlight app library, a HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) platform, introduces byteLAKE, an AI solution for industries in the Sunlight AppLibrary. It offers easy deployment, management and updates from the centralized library.

byteLAKE demonstrated its AI product on Sunlight HyperConverged Edge and Lenovo infrastructure during the Lenovo roadshow in the UK in November 2023.

Sunlight, according to byteLAKE co-founder Marcin Rojek, provides a cost-effective and efficient edge computing and orchestration solution and enables customers to extend the utilization of byteLAKE’s AI products in various settings.

“Not only does it help existing customers to scale their innovations, it is opening up new opportunities by being a part of a wider solution for industry,” Rojek adds.

byteLAKE offers AI products for diverse industries, including automated visual inspection in manufacturing, sound-based quality monitoring in automotive, predictive maintenance data insights, AI-accelerated CFD simulations, and AI modules for self-checkout and item identification in retail and restaurants.

The company says its byteLAKE platform offers fast and reliable data processing for real-time insights, even in remote and challenging environments. With Sunlight HyperConverged Edge Computing infrastructure and AppLibrary on Lenovo ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem servers, deployment and management can be done centrally without on-site engineers.

Julian Chesterfield, founder and CTO of Sunlight, notes that including byteLAKE in the AppLibrary simplifies scaling customer deployments and expands its reach.

ByteLAKE and Sunlight are part of the Lenovo AI Innovators partner ecosystem, which focuses on aligning hardware engineering with AI software design and performance.

“The Lenovo AI Innovators partner ecosystem is bringing together software providers to offer their customers a full suite of solutions that are relevant to their industry,” adds Chesterfield.

Last year, Lenovo partnered with Sunlight to broaden its edge computing offerings. WIth the agreement, Lenovo integrates’s HyperConverged edge stack and NexCenter infrastructure manager into its edge computing devices.

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