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The world is more connected than ever, and most data is now being generated outside of the data center. Lenovo is here to help you speed things up by defining your IoT strategy and bringing compute capabilities wherever you need them. We also bring AI to the edge for faster processing with purpose-built solutions that use high-performance GPUs and your choice of integrated storage and data management. For more information, visit

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Lenovo AI Innovator Graymatics debuts in the Sunlight app library announced that Graymatics, a CCTV-based video analytics solutions company, can now be deployed, managed and updated from the centralized…

Feb 19, 2024

Lenovo to debut AI PCs and far edge computing solutions at MWC

Lenovo will showcase its latest portfolio of AI devices and infrastructure solutions at MWC, along with two device concepts that…

Feb 7, 2024

Lenovo, DeepBrain AI, Scott-Morgan Foundation unite to help people with disabilities communicate

Lenovo, the Scott-Morgan Foundation and DeepBrain AI recently unveiled a unique AI avatar. The hyper-realistic embodiment functions as a communication…

Feb 6, 2024

Lenovo unveils Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge to empower data-driven workloads

Lenovo has unveiled the availability of Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge. The company says the offering allows customers to access…

Jan 22, 2024

Lenovo AI Innovator partner byteLAKE is now part of Sunlight app library, a HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) platform, introduces byteLAKE, an AI solution for industries in the Sunlight AppLibrary. It offers easy…

Sep 29, 2023

Lenovo introduces a new edge service for scalable deployment of AI capabilities

Lenovo has recently expanded its TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) framework in a bid to enhance accessibility to advanced edge AI capabilities…

Jun 26, 2023

Lenovo reaches $2 billion in AI infrastructure revenue; invests $1 billion to expand AI portfolio

Lenovo announced that it has reached a record annual AI infrastructure revenue of over US$2 billion and is investing an…

Mar 13, 2023

Lenovo upgrades ThinkEdge, ThinkSystem with remote automation capabilities as earnings grow

Lenovo has been investing heavily in its ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem products are part of a broader push in a complete…

Mar 9, 2023

Lenovo offers as it expands portfolio of edge computing solutions

Lenovo has entered into a reseller agreement with, an edge infrastructure company, to expand its edge computing portfolio. The…

Dec 19, 2022

IDC says Lenovo is the top entry storage company in EMEA

According to revenue data from IDC’s Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, Lenovo has achieved a new milestone, becoming the leading storage…

Dec 15, 2022

NeuReality closes $35 Million round to bring AI inference chips to global markets

NeuReality, an AI inference solutions provider based in Israel, has successfully closed a Series A funding round of $35 million….

Dec 12, 2022

EdgeIR Fireside Chat: Lenovo shows how edge computing is shaping the future of enterprise IT

In a new Edge Industry Review Fireside Chat interview, deploying and managing edge computing services is a topic of conversation…

Nov 29, 2022

The future of enterprise IT: Where Lenovo is taking edge computing

Lenovo is marking the 30th anniversary of its ThinkSystem products in 2022, but the company is busy looking to the…

Oct 20, 2022

Lenovo CTO study reveals how “new IT” may bring about a more connected future

Lenovo, a global technology company, recently studied over 500 CTOs from around the world to better understand how they view…

Sep 27, 2022

Lenovo introduces sustainability, security innovations on ThinkSystem anniversary

On the 30th anniversary of its ThinkSystem servers, Lenovo, a global tech company, has announced new sustainability and security innovations…

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Quick Serve Restaurant — to be (edge) or not to be (edge) is the question

Imagine you overslept 15 min longer and ignored Siri’s alarm reminder. You are late for your important work meeting. You…

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The future of enterprise IT: Where Lenovo is taking edge computing

Lenovo is marking the 30th anniversary of its ThinkSystem products in 2022, but the company is busy looking to the…

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