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Equinix launches Fabric Cloud Router for multiple cloud application connectivity

Equinix launches Fabric Cloud Router for multiple cloud application connectivity

Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, has launched a Fabric Cloud Router, a virtual routing service that allows enterprises to connect applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments.

According to Equinix, this easy-to-configure, enterprise-grade solution simplifies complex cloud networking challenges and can be deployed in less than a minute

Bob Laliberte, the principal analyst at ESGodern states that IT environments are increasingly digitized and distributed, with 94% of organizations utilizing multiple public clouds, as per TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group research.

“The network connectivity that supports these multi-cloud applications must provide the same ability to scale and improve performance. Equinix, with its extensive cloud on-ramp availability and low network latency combined with the recently added Equinix Fabric Cloud Router is well positioned to deliver these capabilities,” Laliberte adds.

The Equinix Fabric Cloud Router enables customers to deploy globally in 58 Equinix Fabric-enabled markets. It offers low latency connectivity to major cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as other service providers including Akamai, ServiceNow and Zoom.

Equinix Fabric Cloud Router offers on-demand, near real-time service that eliminates the costs and complexities of physical or virtual routers. This enables customers to enhance application performance, reduce cloud expenses, and expedite service delivery. With Equinix’s cloud agnostic approach, enterprises can avoid vendor lock-in, overcome networking constraints, and select the optimal cloud environment and provider for their workloads.

Arun Dev, vice president of digital interconnection at Equinix says the Fabric Cloud Router allows users to connect different clouds in just 45 seconds.

Equinix says the Fabric Cloud Router provides four key features: multi cloud performance, private connectivity, enterprise-grade reliability and cost savings. With low latency and cloud-adjacent locations worldwide, customers can support evolving infrastructure demands and avoid exposing sensitive data to the risks of the public internet. It is also supported by a 99.999% uptime SLA and scalable bandwidth up to 50Gbps.

Last year, Equinix pledged $100,000 to World Pulse to address the gender disparity in the digital divide. World Pulse, a global social network powered by women, is working to bridge the gender gap in technology and digital access. However, progress in closing the gender gap in mobile internet use in low and middle-income countries has slowed in recent years.

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