IT budgets growth driven by edge computing and artificial intelligence: Gartner survey

IT budgets growth driven by edge computing and artificial intelligence: Gartner survey

A new survey by Gartner has shown an increasing number of chief information officers (CIOs) are expected to increase IT spending in 2022, driven by the principles of composable business.

Specifically, the 2022 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey revealed a 3.6% year-over-year growth rate, the fastest in more than a decade, according to the company.

In terms of specific technologies driving this surge in expenditure would be artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), accounting for a whopping 48% of the whole pie.

Edge computing deployment will also be on the rise, with 27% of responders saying they had already deployed or planned to deploy such systems in the next 12 months.

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From a geographical perspective, CIOs in the APAC region are expecting the greatest change (3.9%) in investment, while North American budgets are growing the slowest (3.1%).

According to Gartner, the new technology investments would be caused by the necessity of CIOs of countering the negative business effects of the pandemic, trade wars, and climate change, as well as both internal and external changes.

At the same time, the new data provides an opportunity for both CIOs and technology executive leaders to invest in these new technologies.

The Gartner survey seems to confirm a wider trend of edge computing investments.

For instance, a survey released by Eclipse in July showed edge computing is growing in the wake of increasing IoT deployments. More recently, a separate Gartner report highlighted edge computing’s key role in the rapidly evolving market of cloud-based services.

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