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Expedera unveils AI inference edge processor for always-sensing camera applications

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Expedera unveils AI inference edge processor for always-sensing camera applications

Expedera Incorporation, a company specializing in edge computing processors, has recently unveiled the Origin E1 LittleNPU, an artificial intelligence inference edge processor developed for always-sensing camera applications. The company says the edge AI processor can be used in various resource-constrained edge devices often deployed in remote locations.

Expedera acknowledges the difficulties faced by the industry when it comes to implementing always-sensing video applications, primarily due to increased power consumption and privacy concerns. However, the company believes that its Origin E1 LittleNPU edge inference processor can handle the mentioned challenges effectively by utilizing optimized visual neural networks.

“Device makers are constantly looking to add features that differentiate their products from the competition,” says Paul Karazuba, the vice president of marketing at Expedera. “Always-sensing cameras are an example of this.”

According to Expedera, the Origin E1 LittleNPU processor consumes ten milliwatts of power. This power efficiency capability allows always-sensing cameras to operate efficiently without significantly impacting the battery life of an edge device. Moreover, to address privacy concerns, the LittleNPU architecture ensures that the processing of data remains confined within the processor boundaries, the company says.

“The LittleNPU makes adding this easier for device makers because it provides the most power-efficient, security-aware method of adding AI processing to an always-sensing camera subsystem,” Karazuba continues.

Earlier this year, Expedera expanded its geographical footprint by opening a new European regional engineering development center in Bath, United Kingdom. This center is the fourth one to focus on edge AI inference. They have three other centers located in Santa Clara, Shanghai and Taipei.

Another edge artificial intelligence processor manufacturer, AiM Future, recently secured a multi-million-dollar Series A funding. The company specializes in developing processors that efficiently execute machine learning models on edge devices.

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