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AiM Future, Inc. is a leading provider of market proven edge AI acceleration technology to the global semiconductor industry. It was founded in Oct 2020 as a spin-out of the Advanced Research Laboratory of LG Electronics. Initial development of what has evolved to become the flagship NeuroMosAIc Processor and software Studio began in 2015, culminating with the first production device, the LG8111, in 2019. Products are shipping with this device to this day.

Driven by core use cases across the LG consumer product portfolio, the NeuroMosAIc Processor is an ideal embedded AI/ML coprocessor for the broad Artificial-Intelligence-of-Things, where its multi-modal, multi-task architecture flexibly executes multi-sensor data concurrently to meet application objectives. For more information, visit

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AiM Future, a company specializing in edge AI acceleration technology, has recently concluded a Series A funding round. While the…

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