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Scale Computing announces expansion of HE100 series with Simply NUC partnership

Scale Computing announces expansion of HE100 series with Simply NUC partnership

Scale Computing, an edge computing, virtualization and hyperconverged solution provider, has announced that its SC//Platform product is now available on the Lenovo M90Q and Simply NUC Topaz as part of its HE100 series.

It is also available pre-integrated from Simply NUC’s website. According to Scale Computing, the SC//Platform provides cloud-like simplicity and performance for edge computing.

Scale Computing CEO and co-founder Jeff Ready states that its software and user interface offer a consistent experience, no matter the hardware configuration. This allows IT departments to manage edge infrastructure while customers enjoy an affordable solution easily, Ready continues.

“By combining the power, simplicity and reliability of Scale Computing Platform with Simply NUC’s expertise, expansive network and online configuration tools, we are providing organizations with a comprehensive and scalable edge computing solution with the fastest path from pilot to production,” explains Ready.

SC//Platform is an all-in-one platform designed for running applications at the edge. It uses HyperCore technology to identify, reduce and correct problems in real-time, making application uptime easier for IT teams to manage and more affordable for customers.

SC//Platform includes Scale Computing Fleet Manager with zero-touch provisioning and Secure Link features. Zero-touch provisioning simplifies cluster configuration, while Secure Link allows administrators to access the HyperCore UI for remote management, the companies say.

Aaron Rowsell, CEO and founder of Simply NUC, notes that the SC//Platform solution is unique in its ability to provide expandable, fault-tolerant architecture and automated intelligence for self-healing and remote management with cloud-like orchestration.

“Today’s business leaders need efficient application deployment and management, which SC//Platform on Intel NUC and other small form factor devices delivers — with high performance, in a smaller, easier to manage solution,” Rowsell adds.

Scale Computing Platform is offered in various configurations to cater to customer requirements. Soon, the Simply NUC website will provide information on structure and pricing.

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