Edge AI startup AiM Future secures funding for chip aimed at consumer electronics

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Edge AI startup AiM Future secures funding for chip aimed at consumer electronics

AiM Future, a company specializing in edge AI acceleration technology, has recently concluded a Series A funding round. While the exact investment amount remains undisclosed, it is referred to as a substantial multi-million-dollar investment. AiM Future is active in the growing market of edge AI devices, offering advanced computing capabilities for a wide range of applications within the semiconductor industry.

During this funding round, AiM Future secured investments from various groups of investors, such as L&S Venture Capital, Hi Investment Partners, Daedeok Venture Partners, KB Investments, and We Ventures. Jihae Kim, the managing director of L&S Venture Capital, says, “AiM Future has proven to be a leading innovator in the rapidly growing market for edge AI devices.”

AiM Future was founded in October 2020 by CEO ChangSoo Kim, CTO Jaehwa Kwak, and executive vice president of hardware engineering Jongtae Lee. Their journey began in 2015 when they started developing the technology, and in 2019, they initiated the integration of these semiconductor products into consumer electronics.

“With the support of prominent investors in the AI & semiconductor sectors, AiM Future is able to accelerate the growth of our team and technology portfolio to provide complete AI solutions to the market for many years to come,” says ChangSoo Kim, chief executive officer of AiM Future.

The investors highlight AiM Future’s, citing the integration of its NPU IP into LG Electronics’ home appliances as evidence of the design’s scalability and compatibility with diverse consumer electronics products.

AiM Future has developed the NeuroMosaic Processor family, which has the ability to execute multiple machine learning models at the same time. The company says that this semiconductor product addresses the challenges associated with deploying machine learning by introducing a general-purpose architecture.

In terms of a software toolchain, AiM Future provides NeuroMosAIc Studio software that aims to streamline the optimization of ML graphs for a chosen processor.

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