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Equinix, VMware collaborate to provide digital cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications

Equinix, VMware collaborate to provide digital cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications

Equinix has expanded its partnership with VMware to provide enterprise customers with new digital infrastructure and multi-cloud services. At the VMware Explore 2022 Europe conference, both companies announced their collaboration to release VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal, a distributed cloud service. The partner ecosystem leverages a high-performing, secure and cost-efficient optional cloud service to meet the increasing demand for enterprise applications.

Increasingly, customers recognize the importance of low latency, high performance, security and data locality for mission-critical applications. According to the companies, the VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal distributed cloud service helps enterprise customers manage increasing workload demands.

As part of the co-developed solution, both companies leverage each other’s strengths in cloud service and bare metal capabilities. The solution integrates VMware-managed and supported cloud infrastructure-as-a-service with Equinix’s interconnected bare metal-as-a-service. The companies say that this partnership allows customers to grow their cloud presence into distributed edge locations as new business needs arise while providing security for all enterprise applications.

“We are pleased to partner with VMware to provide an on-demand, dedicated cloud infrastructure solution that can be deployed globally,” said Zachary Smith, global head of edge infrastructure services at Equinix. “Customers benefit from secure connections to their critical private or on-premise environments and also to the thousands of clouds, networks and other ecosystem participants that come together at Equinix.”

The co-developed multi-cloud infrastructure targets many industries, including smart cities, video analytics, game development and real-time financial market trading. The multi-cloud service provides private, low latency access to private and public cloud environments and IT and network providers through the Equinix Fabric interconnection.

The VMware Cloud is a reliable, multi-cloud infrastructure and operations platform. Meanwhile, Equinix Metal is an automated bare metal and interconnection offering delivered across the Equinix global International Business Exchange footprint.

“VMware and Equinix are uniquely positioned to co-innovate on a distributed cloud service that extends VMware Cloud to new locations to provide applications choice and flexibility and speed up cloud transformation for all enterprises,” said Narayna Bharadwaj, VP of cloud solutions at VMware.

For over ten years, Equinix and VMware have collaborated to create multi-cloud infrastructure solutions that satisfy various business requirements. According to the company, thousands of customers are running their enterprise-scale VMware workloads on Equinix data centers worldwide to speed up their cloud environments.

VMware recently announced new cloud and edge infrastructure improvements to help organizations better run, scale and secure enterprise workloads.

At VMware Explore 2022, VMware announced new edge and cloud infrastructure improvements to help organizations run enterprise workloads more efficiently, at scale and with enhanced security. VMware has announced new versions of the following solutions: VMware Cloud Foundation, vSAN 8 and vSphere eight. Meanwhile, its managed service, Private Mobile Network, was a beta release.

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