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StackPath continues to work with the Solana Foundation Server program

StackPath continues to work with the Solana Foundation Server program

StackPath, an edge computing platform, announced it is expanding its participation in the Solana Foundation Server Program for the third time. The Solana Foundation Server Program supplies developers with access to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers (IaaS) that work with blockchain technology.

StackPath CEO Kip Turco praised the Server Program, saying that “blockchain workloads — from cryptocurrencies to Web3 applications —really are edge-native.” He added, “Sure, they can run on the traditional cloud. But at the edge, they can unlock the full potential of their architecture. That’s why we believe we have a powerful role in the Server Program and intend to become a leading platform for blockchain.”

Web3 (Web 3.0 or web3 more uncommonly) is the proposed next generation of the World Wide Web that will grant internet users greater control over their identity through decentralization achieved with technologies like blockchain.

The StackPath platform has edge locations that can host Web3 applications deployed in major urban areas worldwide. The company says that this gives it greater proximity to data sources and destinations than traditional cloud platforms and a private network backbone that enables fast, reliable communication between sites.

As of right now, StackPath has 1,200 servers that run ultra-low latency virtual machines (VMs) Server Program members. However, by the end of 2022, the company will deploy 1,100 more servers in 39 different cities globally.

“The decentralized structure of edge computing aligns with the decentralized nature of blockchain,” said Alex Kehaya, Network Infrastructure Lead at the Solana Foundation. “We’re glad to have StackPath as part of the Server Program, providing its edge computing solutions to our community. Partnerships like this have been a critical part of Solana becoming the fastest growing blockchain ecosystem.”

Solana’s platform has a single stable state that enables it to process tens of thousands of smart contracts at the same time. With the Solana Foundation’s Server Program, developers and businesses can access the needed resources.

“The Server Program is an invaluable resource for Solana developers,” said Mike Nguyen, CEO of Inflect. “The blockchain community has been challenged by issues ranging from supply chain shortages to service providers backing away from blockchain use cases. The Server Program is designed to mitigate those challenges, helping foster sustainable growth and advance the overall decentralization of the Solana ecosystem.”

StackPath will appear at Solana Breakpoint with Inflect in Lisbon from November 4-7, 2022. They will be at Pateo da Gale, location 4, and offer demos. The company will also announce an exclusive special to all attendees through the Solana Foundation Server Program.

StackPath also recently launched its Channel Partnership Program and hired Frank Stepczyk as head of channel partnerships. Stepczyk’s responsibilities included planning a strategy and recruiting new reseller partners worldwide. He also managed partner relationships and helped them deploy, sell and recommend StackPath products.

“Frank has built a strong brand in the channel community as a partner advocate who drives value to customers through dynamic partnerships, and we are excited to see what he can do with our channel program in this underserved space,” noted Kevin Odden, StackPath’s chief revenue officer.

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