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Hitachi Energy offers new industrial wireless router, promises greater grid stability

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Hitachi Energy offers new industrial wireless router, promises greater grid stability

Hitachi Energy recently announced the release of a new industrial wireless router, which offers secure and always-on cellular connectivity for many critical applications in remote network edge environments. This includes monitoring battery storage systems, circuit breakers, voltage monitors and secondary substation monitoring in the utility industry.

According to Hitachi Energy, the TRO610 provides communications and security features. These features make it suitable for industrial IoT applications for utilities, smart cities, oil, & gas, manufacturing and mining operations. With its high availability, reliability, high throughput and low latency capabilities, the TRO610 can help future-proof critical industrial and utility functions, the company says.

“The compact and ruggedized form factor of the TRO610 provides communication to a wide range of existing and future ‘smart city’ services, including transportation, water, and wastewater management, energy transmission and distribution,” said Jim Frazer, vice president, smart cities at the ARC Advisory Group.

The TRO610 is a critical component of Hitachi Energy’s broader portfolio of solutions for grid modernization and advanced smart city applications. In industries such as oil & gas and mining, the TRO610 enables remote monitoring of assets like storage tanks, pipeline infrastructure, sensors, mining vehicles, and other unmanned transportation in rural and remote areas under harsh conditions. The device operates on both public and private 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular networks across multiple frequencies, including CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service).

“Advanced connectivity options play a significant role as utilities and industries increasingly adopt technology solutions either on-premise or via the cloud to digitalize and improve operations in an environmentally sustainable manner,” stated Massimo Danieli, Managing Director of the Grid Automation business unit at Hitachi Energy.

The Hitachi Energy TRO610 device offers a variety of advanced capabilities to help improve efficiency and enable advanced grid applications. According to the company, with its ability to support edge computing and multiple secure connectivity options, the TRO610 can modernize grids and enable other smart city applications.

The company says that with Supros, Hitachi Energy’s intuitive network management and monitoring system, the TRO610 can easily be configured and deployed. Further, with its ability to support over-the-air firmware updates, users can stay up-to-date with the latest advances in wireless connectivity.

“The TRO610’s edge compute capability, state-of-the-art cybersecurity, Bluetooth® connectivity option, industry standards compliance, and always-on cellular connectivity make it ideal for public agency applications as well as utility, petrochemical and discrete manufacturing ecosystems,” added Daniel.

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