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SixSq enables the edge with the edge management platform as a service. The platform is container native, cloud neutral and hardware agnostic. Deploy any containerised app, at the right place, at the right time and on the right data, without lock-in.  The NuvlaBox edge software turns any x86 or ARM hardware platform into a smart edge device, managed by Ideal for AI or any analytics at the edge. You control your data while we take away the pain of operating the platform. For more information, visit

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Leveraging edge computing for enhanced manufacturing efficiency and safety

By Rebecca Schenato, marketing and communications manager at SixSq Manufacturing is a complex, dynamic yet adaptive industry where every second counts…

Jan 17, 2024

Why do enterprise telco services need edge computing?

By Louise Merifield is Operations Manager & co-founder at SixSq Telco companies have traditionally generated business by providing network services and…

Aug 15, 2023

Top priorities for companies deploying edge computing: Insights from a European journey

By Bilal Bouchelaghem, a sales executive with SixSQ In the ever-evolving technology landscape, edge computing has emerged as a game-changing…

Jul 17, 2023

Ekinops’ SixSq announces expansion of Nuvla Marketplace with three new app vendors

Ekinops, a network access and virtualization specialist, has added three new application vendors to its Nuvla Marketplace of business applications…

Jul 3, 2023

SixSq announces Horizon Europe project involvement; adds new marketing manager

SixSq, which provides an edge-to-cloud management platform and application marketplace, has recently announced its involvement in three Horizon Europe projects….

Jun 29, 2023

Achieving sustainable development goals with edge computing: A responsible approach

By Rebecca Schenato, marketing and communications manager at SixSq In recent years, the urgency to address pressing global challenges has…

Sep 16, 2022

SixSq, Kadiska, join forces to provide network performance monitoring for edge networks

SixSq, which offers the Nuvla edge-to-cloud management platform, has teamed up with Kadiska, a SaaS platform for digital experience monitoring….

Aug 1, 2022

SixSq: Monetizing edge computing with marketplace for app vendors

SixSq, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for edge computing, started out by building a solution for managing edge application deployments. The…

Aug 1, 2022

Azion marketplace integrates partner solutions on its edge computing platform

Azion, a provider of an edge computing platform, recently unveiled a marketplace that lets open-source communities and software developers provide…

Jul 8, 2022

SixSq contributes to European 5G and satellite broadcasting program for media delivery

SixSq, an Ekinops subsidiary, is participating in the 5G-EMERGE project to enable efficient use of 5G and satellite broadcasting for…

Jun 14, 2022

Ekinops’ SixSq launches app vendor program for edge computing

Ekinops subsidiary SixSq unveiled an app vendor program for edge computing applications to widen the reach of the edge to…

Apr 24, 2022

Privacy intrusion: Hold all the cards with edge computing

By Marc-Elian Bégin is CEO and co-founder of SixSq In poker rooms around the world, players keep their cards close….

Mar 13, 2022

Four ways to know if you need edge computing: a developer’s perspective

By Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO and co-founder of SixSq It seems everyone is taking a closer look at edge computing. Enterprise…

Jan 21, 2022

Ekinops tops €100m mark, aided by edge software push, in end of year report

Telecommunications solutions supplier Ekinops has published its revenue report for the 2021 financial year, showcasing revenue of €103.6m, representing a…

Nov 2, 2021

Ekinops buys Sixsq to add edge computing chops to telecom, enterprise portfolio

Ekinops, a telecommunications solutions supplier for telecom operators and enterprises, is announcing the acquisition of the start-up SixSq, a software-as-a-service…

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SixSq: Monetizing edge computing with marketplace for app vendors

SixSq, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for edge computing, started out by building a solution for managing edge application deployments. The…

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Edge in industrial: case study

In this video Marc-Elian Begin, the CEO and co-founder of SixSq, introduces the theme of edge economics. You will gain…

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