SixSq contributes to European 5G and satellite broadcasting program for media delivery

SixSq contributes to European 5G and satellite broadcasting program for media delivery

SixSq, an Ekinops subsidiary, is participating in the 5G-EMERGE project to enable efficient use of 5G and satellite broadcasting for media delivery. There are 20 companies from six European countries ready to collaborate in the project to develop distributed edge computing and service delivery features.

The 5G-EMERGE project is part of the European Space Agency (ESA) program of Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES), which will be led by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The project aims to develop solutions based on the satellite and terrestrial systems using open standard tools enabling content distribution over multi-layer IP infrastructure.

“The 5G-Emerge project is yet another example of Ekinops’ long commitment towards software innovation as a means to add value to the telecommunications sector,” said Vincent Munière, group chief technology officer and VP of R&D at Ekinops. “We are looking forward to helping set the bar in 5G services and content delivery.”

SixSq has been developing edge computing solutions such as, a B2B SaaS platform and marketplace of containerized applications and open-source NuvlaEdge software. Through participation in 5G-EMERGE, the company plans to demonstrate its edge computing software ability to orchestrate complex use cases across commercial industries.

Executives say the program is an opportunity to show their market position in the edge computing software space with, a Docker container native platform designed for users to manage containerized applications across thousands of edge devices and container orchestration engines.

“Leveraging satellite broadcast and 5G is a great opportunity to deliver the right high-density content at the right location with the right customization,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO at SixSq. “However, this requires fine-tuned orchestration of the entire value chain and this is what SixSq edge-to-cloud software provides. We are no stranger to big challenges posed by ESA and EBU and are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of edge-to-cloud, bringing together the space sector, 5G and multimedia content delivery.”

SixSq recently announced the launch of an application vendor program to accelerate the adoption of edge computing applications. Vendors can sell their edge applications to customers and update the software, leveraging the app vendor program.

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