Ekinops’ SixSq launches app vendor program for edge computing

Ekinops’ SixSq launches app vendor program for edge computing

Ekinops subsidiary SixSq unveiled an app vendor program for edge computing applications to widen the reach of the edge to more customers.

The ‘Nuvla.io App Vendor Programme’ is developed by software-as-a-service startup SixSq, which was acquired by Ekinops in late 2021. It is described as a B2B digital platform for industrialization and automation of containerized edge applications and device management. Vendors can sell their edge apps to customers and update their software through the Nuvla.io App Vendor Programme.

It will also give app vendors and customers the tools to set pricing and contractual terms, and monetization of business applications for telecoms, service providers, and system integrators, a press release states.

The first vendors in the Nuvla.io program with turnkey apps include:

  • ClearBlade, which offers sensor technology and asset tracking for logistics and railway systems.
  • Cybus, a provider of manufacturing and machine monitoring technology.
  • C2RO, a providers of a GDPR-compliant people and crowd tracking solution.
  • AI EdgeLabs, which provides cyberattack detection for edge and IoT devices driven from AI analysis.
  • Securaxis, which provides audio based real-time analysis for Smart City applications using AI.

To be an app vendor, the Nuvla.io Marketplace first requires the prospective vendor to package the app in Kubernetes or Docker, create an account linked to Stripe, and then register the app and define the price.

For Nuvla.io customers, it requires connecting their account to a credit card or SEPA and registering or deploying infrastructure through Kubernetes, Docker, or NuvlaBox and a cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. From there, the customer deploys the app and can monitor it or receive updates.

“Using the Nuvla.io Marketplace and App Vendor Programme, we can springboard customers into adopting and deploying meaningful edge computing with minimum risk and a positive ROI,” says Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO and co-founder of SixSq. “Both vendors and customers benefit from unprecedented agility, flexibility and scalability, with minimum complexity and without compromise on security.”

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