Azion marketplace integrates partner solutions on its edge computing platform

Azion marketplace integrates partner solutions on its edge computing platform

Azion, a provider of an edge computing platform, recently unveiled a marketplace that lets open-source communities and software developers provide edge solutions through its Azion edge platform. The marketplace provides an extensive catalog of integrated partner solutions on the company’s edge platform to adopt security, data analytics, and artificial intelligence applications.

According to the company, 20 percent of Azion’s customers use third-party and partner solutions on the company’s edge platform. With the announcement of a marketplace, developers can combine tools and software, a process which previously required multiple separate integrations. The marketplace provides a platform where clients can directly purchase third-party edge solutions from the developer and integrate it with the platform. Developers simply use an existing license through a bring-your-own-license model.

“The marketplace simplifies the development and adoption of edge applications and solutions for use cases such as application development and modernization, fraud protection, authentication and authorization, AI, and analytics, enabling organizations to not only build applications faster but also leverage the speed and resilience of Azion’s trusted global network,” said Rafael Umann, CEO of Azion.

Some of the key highlights of the Azion marketplace include solutions for bot management, cybersecurity software, distributed database, fraud detection, and open-source libraries for A/B testing, authentication, and authorization. These solutions help customers scale and protect their applications without the worry of operational overhead. The fraud detection from IPQS, Axur, and Saffe detects malicious users in real-time using facial biometrics, card and credential leakage detection.

The Azion full-stack edge platform accelerates the development of edge applications in a secure way, the company says. The platform enables users to employ newer technologies for their applications, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G connectivity and more. The company also recently announced a new Azion CLI, an interface that improves the user experience by allowing customers to perform complex tasks on the edge platform using the command line interface. In other words, the entire process of developing, deploying, managing, updating, and deleting will happen within a few commands.

“We are pleased to partner with Azion. Together, we share a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technologies designed to optimize the user experience without sacrificing security,” said Rob Harley, vice president and managing director for CALA and EMEA at Radware. “As computing increasingly moves to the edge, frictionless security that enables innovation is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a requirement—and that’s where Radware excels.”


Azion joins a growing list of edge platform providers who are building marketplaces for their services. Cloudflare and are examples of Azion’s direct competitors offering integrated applications. SixSq’s focus on edge orchestration places it in a different layer of the tech stack, but its app vendor program and marketplace has the potential to enable network services providers to stand up marketplaces that compete with Azion and the like. All told, the developments show more vendors taking an ecosystem approach to the edge that is helping customers consume edge services.

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