SixSq, Kadiska, join forces to provide network performance monitoring for edge networks

SixSq, Kadiska, join forces to provide network performance monitoring for edge networks

SixSq, which offers the Nuvla edge-to-cloud management platform, has teamed up with Kadiska, a SaaS platform for digital experience monitoring. This collaboration gives enterprises visibility into the networks connecting their sites, clouds, and business-critical SaaS and web applications.

The Net-Tracer app from Kadiska, now available in the SixSq Nuvla marketplace, enables instant deployment of comprehensive network path and performance monitoring solutions for any organization.

The Net-Tracer application is a versatile agent that Nuvla can deploy on edge nodes, clouds, white boxes and SD-WAN devices. This includes any uCPE powered by Ekinops’ OneOS6 middleware. Ekinops is the company that acquired SixSq in late 2021.

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“Our customers need network performance monitoring, and being able to deploy such capability via an app on the Nuvla marketplace will be natural for them,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO and co-founder at SixSq. “This allows users to quickly identify when and how the network impacts application performance.”

Kadiska’s Net Tracer application features zero-touch capabilities that allow the company to provide a container-based orchestration solution to solve complex IT challenges. The Net Tracer application monitors all the network routes and provides a comprehensive performance report. The monitoring solution will also give access to analytics that correlate network, infrastructure and application performance.

As a digital experience monitoring solution, the Kadiska platform combines the digital user experience with monitoring network performance and applications across the hybrid cloud, SaaS and PaaS hosting platforms. The digital monitoring platform provides complete visibility into the application infrastructure that affects performance and offers an effective solution.

This solution provides complete visibility of networks and applications, so businesses can quickly identify the cause of any performance issues and see which services are being affected. The platform will optimize the digital ecosystem to save costs and improve performance. Kadiska’s digital experience monitoring solution is cloud-native, which reduces the time to market and enables enterprise application scaling to global markets.

“We look forward to helping enterprises gain complete control over their modern networks, deliver an amazing digital experience, and fully profit from their digital platform,” concluded Gilles Huguenin, CEO at Kadiska.

SixSq also recently participated in the 5G-EMERGE project to help realize the efficient usage of 5G communication and satellite broadcasting for media delivery.

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