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SixSq announces Horizon Europe project involvement; adds new marketing manager

SixSq announces Horizon Europe project involvement; adds new marketing manager

SixSq, which provides an edge-to-cloud management platform and application marketplace, has recently announced its involvement in three Horizon Europe projects. The projects will help lead the way for enterprises to see the application of edge computing to a variety of markets ranging from agriculture to transportation.

SixSq has received funding from Sefri, a Swiss government agency, and will collaborate with European technology experts to enhance its software and services. The Horizon Europe projects will span three years and focus on computer architecture from edge to cloud, with use cases across various sectors.

One of the projects, ICOS, is designing an AI-powered continuum that is secure, open, adaptable and technology-agnostic. It will be tested through four use cases in the agriculture, multimedia systems, railway infrastructure monitoring and energy management fields.

Meanwhile, the EXTRACT project involves building a data-mining platform for extreme data, with two use cases: personalized evacuation routing in emergencies and the other transforming large volumes of raw radio telescope data into high-quality datasets to be used across 15 scientific domains.

Lastly, ACES is developing an edge-to-cloud framework that can autonomously manage workload placement and service, resource management, data management and policy management through AI capabilities. SixSq says its involvement in these projects is a testament to its commitment to delivering innovative solutions to customers.

SixSq announces new marketing & communications manager

SixSq recently introduced Rebecca Schenato as the new marketing & communications manager. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, SixSq says Rebecca will combine her expertise in technology and business with a creative marketing approach to help take the company to the next level.

SixSq CEO Marc-Elian Bégin comments on Schenato’s appointment, saying, “Rebecca is the perfect complement to the team, bringing a wealth of relevant experience and energy.”

Rebecca brings experience in IoT and B2B, including developing successful strategies for tech brands. She says she is thrilled to be part of the SixSq team and Ekinops ecosystem and looks forward to helping the company grow.

As marketing & communications manager, Rebecca will help ensure the company’s messaging remains consistent and clear. Additionally, company executives say that Rebecca will be instrumental in forging strategies for achieving the company’s ambitious growth objectives.

SixSq updates legal framework for Nuvla platform and marketplace

SixSq SA, a subsidiary of Ekinops, has announced an update to the legal framework for Nuvla. Nuvla is a B2B SaaS digital platform and marketplace that offers industrialization and automation solutions for containerized edge applications and device management.

“Ekinops is always pushing innovation and simplicity in our industry,” says Ekinops’s CEO Didier Brédy. “With this updated legal framework, we are able to offer telecom operators, as well as their enterprise & SMB customers, a new and much simpler way of leveraging edge computing, building on the well-established Ekinops portfolio.”

The update includes simplified Terms and Conditions (T&C) and End User License Agreement (EULA), which provide frictionless business between app vendors, customers and end-users while supporting service providers in generating additional recurring revenue.

The updates are now in effect and the new T&C and EULA are available to read online.

SixSq says these changes enable a more straightforward way of leveraging edge computing, creating new revenue streams for Ekinops and their customers. ​​

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