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Lenovo introduces a new edge service for scalable deployment of AI capabilities

Lenovo introduces a new edge service for scalable deployment of AI capabilities

Lenovo has recently expanded its TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) framework in a bid to enhance accessibility to advanced edge AI capabilities for businesses. The company highlights the significance of bringing AI capabilities closer to the source of data generation, serving a variety of applications across generative AI, computer vision, and virtual assistants.

Lenovo’s TruScale for edge service aims to address the challenges associated with limited resources in AI projects. Leveraging the IaaS approach, companies can expand their AI infrastructure as per requirements, affording them the agility to respond to evolving demands and improving their AI capabilities over time, according to the company.

A key aspect of TruScale is its provision for customers to adopt a pay-as-you-go model for deploying edge computing resources. This feature holds particular importance as it equips organizations to establish their edge computing infrastructure efficiently and leverage AI-driven insights at the edge network. Acting as a unified solution, the company notes that it streamlines the process of deploying and managing edge infrastructure.

“With today’s news, Lenovo continues to push the boundaries of what is possible at the edge, making it easier than ever before to deploy critical edge computing that efficiently delivers transformative AI-powered insights for any business, anywhere,” says Kirk Skaugen, president of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group.

Handling demanding AI workloads at the edge

At the same time, Lenovo has introduced the ThinkEdge SE455 V3, an edge server designed to handle demanding AI workloads at the edge. It’s been purpose-built to support resource-intensive AI tasks carried out remotely.

As the utilization of large language models for generative AI applications grows, this edge server is equipped with the requisite power efficiency and storage capacity to handle even the most demanding instances of such models, according to Lenovo.

At the heart of this edge server is the AMD EPYC 8004 series processor, known for its high efficiency and performance capabilities. This processor is part of the fourth-generation Zen4c processor technology, enabling more cores to be packed into a more compact physical footprint. The ThinkEdge SE455 V3 supports up to 64 cores and can accommodate up to 6x accelerators.

“Lenovo is committed to being the most trusted partner and empowering our customers’ intelligent transformation by simplifying AI deployment,” Skaugen continues.

In terms of security, the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE455 V3 comes with self-encrypting drives, TPM 2.0, and the XClarity controller, for initiating a system lockdown in response to tamper sensor triggers. These security measures are in place to protect the data processed by the server, the company notes.

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